coke rewardsIt is so hard to keep up with all the great programs out there but COKE REWARDS is worth a quick looksie.

Simply Drink your favorite Coke Beverage and under the lid , the tear off on 12 paks or on the multi-wrap packs you will find your codes!

Make sure to register at My Coke Rewards

Enter your codes to get points.


The points translate to really COOL things like: Sweepstake entries, great cause donations, instant win entries, school donations, and actual product rewards, YOU CHOOSE!

Quite simply, it may be the one of the best ways to get something back for using a product you already use.  The program is that simple and offers you many incentives as mentioned but it also offers ways to gain $5 gift cards such as the current offer of 700 points equaling a $10 e certificate with Domino’s.  This is just ONE of many great offers! .

It is never to late to start! Enjoy your Coke Rewards




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