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Last month I received a new Convection Oven/Range from Don’s Appliance.  It is so different from the basic 4 burner  range I had owned, which had been such a DRAG to cook with.  The Convection Oven and Ceramic Cook top have immensely changed the way I cook.

As a busy mom, blogger and consultant I have no free time.  When I am writing, in between client meetings and running kids around I manage to whip up some meals.  I have 5 burners, but they are not just burners they are LIFESAVERS.

Don's Appliance Range in my Home

My left hand side of my range offers me a Round Cooking area that can house a small, medium or large pot, simply by chancing the dial, changes the size of the pan or pot that will be heated!  It is ONE dial easy.  My middle burner, it is a WARMER!  How many times I have cooked part of the meal and had no way to keep it warm in the pot, and by the time the other parts of the meal have come finished that part is COLD! NO more, it is one step easy as well, I simply touch the control pad and it turns the warmer burner on.  I absolutely LOVE this burner and I can not believe I have not had this option before.   The right hand of my range is even more exciting, as it functions as 2 separate burners or ONE BRIDGED BURNER for a Griddle.  Simply by the turn of the dial on the control panel my 2 separate burners become bridged and allow me to use a pancake griddle.

Maytag ceramic top

With all the great functionality of the  cook top it is hard to believe that it could get much better but it does:  The OVEN KICKS!!! The oven allows me to cook my meals so much quicker and more regulated than my OLD appliance and my old appliance was only a few years OLD!!!  I have learned to cook CONVECTION and there is nothing like it.  I have not found ONE application for CONVECTION I have not liked.  My food cooks quicker and with at a lower temperature and tastes amazing.  I am sure you are wondering how and we do too, but I can tell you, what foods used to take 20 minutes to cook take 10. (chicken nuggets) French Fries come crisp and perfected and are evenly cooked and I have baked 12 pies in it over the last month, each one Dutch Crumb and perfectly cooked.  It is not just the pie cooking, it is the SIZE of the oven.  I fill THREE racks with food.  One with brownie, one with a cake and one with a pie, I absolutely fill my oven and get a full adventure out of it each cooking.

keeps food warm

I have 3 racks, a dependable oven and I am able to cook so much at once that I multi-task.  The food always cooks, crisp when it should be crisp, light when it should be light and thoroughly all the way through.  IN addition, I do not have to figure out the temperature conversion from regular baking to convection the oven does it for me with the touch of a button.  The other night I really got fancy, I used the warmer while using the oven, and all the burners, it was organized mayhem that produced a meal of great magnitudes.  I cooked scallops with an Jarlsberg sauce, salmon over a bed of rustic rice, chicken nuggets, french fries and a veggies.  Everything finished at the same time, other than the one set of veggies that I sat on the warming burner!  I can honestly say I could not be more pleased.

Don’s Appliance has traditionally been known for all UPPER-End Appliances, but what you may not know is that Don’s carries other name brand appliances to that you find EVERYWHERE else such as: Bosch, Maytag, GE and Kitchen Aid  and more.  They have FAIR prices and KICKING sales.  The sales are as great as any other store out there, but what makes Don’s Appliance special is their attention do Detail, their trained STAFF and the Training they offer you the consumer AFTER the purchase. Yes, Training.  I was a bit lost with the new oven and I was walked through step A-Z on how to…… I have got the Range Under control now and I am Cooking non-stop.

The Holidays are coming, and so is company, if you are looking for new appliances make sure to check out one of the several convenient  locations for Don’s Appliances.

Our next stop is a Dishwasher and YOU know where it is coming from ……. :)








I was provided a range in return for my true and honest opinion as set forth in this blog.

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