Are you completely into YOGA?  It has become a new ‘thing’ of mine, but I also am having a hard time locating QUALITY products that scream ‘ME’ in them.  I want durable products that don’t fall apart after a few uses, and I also want them to look  pretty.  I am a girl in every sense of the word and I like my things to to in some way represent who I am whether with designs or color, hence the search for durable and function-able YOGA items has been my latest project.  I also have a fond appreciation for a company that is  basic, earthy and natural and very respectful of our environment, just like the practice and study of YOGA. I am simply wondering if it is possible to find a company that offers me individuality in products and at the same time find a company that works in sustaining a healthy environment in products that it produces?


I have to watch everything that comes into my home because I have one child that has severe latex allergies and a few mats out there in the retail world have LATEX in them.  Once products come into my home all the kids try them out! I am quickly finding out that not all yoga mats are made to withstand being stood on, sat on and stretched on, as a matter of fact some don’t last very long at all and a few are constructed almost entirely of LATEX.  In my quest for great products and a great company that sustains our wonderful environment I have found BAREFOOT YOGA Co.


This mat is for EVERY type of YOGA.

Yoga class on this mat is a dream! This is the signature HYBRID mat of the Barefoot Yoga Company.  The mat is Eco-friendly and the mat is good for the environment,.  Do you know what the ‘skeleton’ of the mat is actually called?  It is called a mesh scrim and the mesh scrim on the Hybrid Eco Mat is made from 100% recycled polyester which is what makes the mat strong and what makes it durable.  Hybrid Mats by The Barefoot Yoga Company do not contain heavy metals, and when they are manufactured their production is completely non-toxic and LATEX free.  Barefoot Yoga is a very environmentally friendly company.  I would like to tell you a bit more about the environmentally savvy Barefoot Yoga Company: the wrap that the mat comes wrapped in is created from an Eco-friendly poly resin and is completely bio-degradable which means that it will break down once put into a landfill, and the sleeve that states what the mat is(all the care instructions, etc. is produced with a soy-based ink. Yoga is meant to balance your body, mind and soul, and while all this is occurring it is nice to know that the earth will remain balanced because the company that provides your YOGA mats is environmentally savvy and earth conscious! barefoot yoga hybrid eco mat- color

I wiped my mat with a cloth( I used a cotton cloth, they recommend a terry cloth) before I used it in order to make the mat more traction-friendly.  The mat is not machine washable. There are over 39 colors to choose for your mat. The mat is 24″ x 68″ x 0.15″ .  I am simply inspired to use this mat just because the color is so pleasant to look at, just go ahead and laugh I know that is a lame reason to use something.  The feel of the mat: soft, and cushiony, if you want to know its texture.  My feet love my mat!


Mysore Yoga Practice Rug

Why would you want a Mysore Yoga Practice Rug? The rug is decorative and it is a very tightly woven cotton rug.  Did you know that these rugs were the first mats used for yoga practice in INDIA?  The Mysore rugs are completely biodegradable and PVC-free which keeps in sync with the companies principles of being Environmentally friendly.

If you participate in a YOGA that is actually sweat-producing you would use this particular mat.  Additionally, you can rest this mat over the HYBRID ECO MAT which allows for a little more cushioning, which is helpful when you are practicing you sitting postures.  Mat over mat is also helpful when you are doing standing postures because it aides in traction.


If you have used a Mysore before you know that it can be slippery until you actually damped it with some sweat(great right?).  Your alternative option to get the mat to be less slippy is to lightly sprinkle you rug at the foot and hand positions with WATER before you start.  You are not saturating the rug, merely sprinkling or spraying(with a spray bottle, misting) the mat to create a dampened effect, which will make it less slick.  The rug is great once you start sweating because it will STOP the perspiration from your  hands and feet!  The more you can sweat during a YOGA workout the better your traction will become on this rug.  There are multiple designs you can choose from as well so state your personality through your Rug!


Washing this 100% COTTON rug should occur only in COLD water.  Do not place it in a TOP LOADING machine. If you wash it before class and it is not dry, it is actually great dampened and running out the door! (no sweat needed, but don’t let that stop you from a great YOGA workout). I have only line dried mine but it is stated that you can throw it in the dryer on gentle. The rugs will not shrink, they simply tighten a bit after the drying process but I can tell you first hand they loosen up again with use, NO worries!



I can tell you that no matter what kind of Yoga you do, you will need your sleep.  Sleep does a body good, but not everyone relaxes the same way.  Do you like the smell of lavender?  How about a cooling effect on your eyes? I love a cold pillow case and I love a cool feeling on my eyes, anything that will block out the day and any light.  I have been fortunate enough to test out the Silk Sari Eye Pillow(Kamaraj).

barefoot yoga

I opened my package and I found this eye pillow.  The pillow is filled with Flax Seed and Lavender and the cover is silk.  If you travel there is a protective pillowcase for you to be able to tote your eye pillow.  I placed the pillow on my eyes, wondering how in the world it was going to stay on, but, the pillow(the weight of the flax seed) contoured to my nose, and eyes and remained there until I fell asleep.  The eye pillow smells of lavender and is very cool across the face – while I don’t know how or why it is cool, I don’t really care because it just feels really soothing on my eyes after a full day of work and exercise.  The pillow’s intended use is for deepening relaxation during Savasana, meditation and afternoon naps but my intended use is for getting away from it all and being able to relax before I doze off for the evening.


The pillow is hand washable, and refillable.  The pillow comes with a protective pillowcase for travel.  These pillows are one of the greatest items I have tried to date and they cooling sensation is like no other! These are a true find and would be a GREAT Holiday gift for ANYONE on your list.  They are priced really fairly, under $20 WHICH is another reason I think you need them for everyone on your gift list.  There are several designs available so you can rock your personality through this eye pillow as well!


barefoot yoga












I have received one or more of the items in this blog in return for my true and honest opinion and review as set forth in this blog.


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