A Fresh Bowl!

I love fresh smelling homes, bathrooms and living areas but with food being cooked, bathrooms being used and just the general House Halitosis it is hard to always strike a balance. bleach for fresh bowls

Many people do not like the smell of bleach but the stain fighting power and the germ-killing power of Bleach makes me one happy cleaning MAMA! While the kids are gone and before I run off to work, I try to a little bit of stuff each morning so that the house work does not Stack up on me all at once.  My favorite quick trick, one learned from my mom:  Once you wipe the toilet up(which I do daily ..thanks for Anti-bacterial wipes), I take the lid of the toilet of and drop 1/4 cup of bleach in the back.  While it sits it lets off a light, refreshing smell and the toilet sparkles.

If you detest Bleach, Vinegar left to sit for about an HOUR(if your toilet can go with out use that long will also allow for a brilliant, clean bowl, without a pleasant smell)


I love simple cleaning tips, and a good smelling bathroom! Just be mindful as Bleach stains clothing:)


Oh, and Hope this toilet makes you laugh:  how is this?

Here’s to a Fresh Bowl!

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