Each week, there are guests posts by Independent Representatives that sell Great Products that you MAY be interested in. Jamie has great NAIL SHIELDS and the cost is absolutely FRUGAL as compared to manicures!  Get to know the independent representatives.  If you want to have a party, you can have one ONLINE, no house clean up, no guests, just together online, in your pj’s!

GUEST POST BY Jamberry I.C ~ Jamie C

Jamberry NailsThroughout the month of October, I will be doing an awesome sale through my email list every Friday.  The sales will run Friday – Sunday each weekend and is not a sale that is being done through Jamberry; it’s just my own personal sale I’m doing.  If anyone wants to sign up to receive the sale emails every Friday (in October), they can do so through this link:  .  If you  want to see the sale that is taking place this weekend, you can see a link to the email on my Facebook page, but from now on, the sale will only be delivered through email.
Also, if anyone is interested in joining Jamberry Nails, this is the month to do it!  Jamberry Nails is running a couple different incentives this month for consultants.  Consultants have the opportunity to earn 4 free exclusive holiday nail shields that WILL NOT be offered for sale to the public.  On top of that, Consultants will earn double points towards a Vegas vacation!

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