Comfortable, relaxing, soft, hooded, soft, all words I would use to define my new Tunic Top Leah in Grey from Yogi Clothing.   After a full day of work I want nothing more than to come home and jump into something comfortable, but the last thing I want is something that constrains every move I make and something that just does not feel right! I look for a piece in my wardrobe that fits just right.This top is a long sleeve tunic top that can be worn as a top or as a short dress!

Long Sleeve Tunic Top in Grey, Dress or with Leggins Long Sleeve Tunic Top in Grey

Here is how Friday night went happened for me and how I used my Long Sleeve Tunic Top in Grey from Yogi Clothing.  I got done working and I wanted nothing more than to relax, so I quickly sought out my new Long Sleeve Tunic Top Leah in Grey! Once I was situated, opened the mail, grabbed a glass of wine, —–my phone rang and it was an invite to go out, but I had to leave RIGHT then!  I was not going to miss the festivities, so I simply added a set of pumps and headed right back out the door. (as you can figure, I did stop to fix everything else, hair, makeup, because no departure is that easy, lol)

In Grey Leah Tunic Top in Grey from Back, with hoodie

My friends and I met up to see a trendy restaurant.   I was super happy with my wardrobe choice  because not only was it comfortable , but because  it was completely appropriate for the environment we were in and I received several compliments on how soft the tunic was and how great it looked. I also got to brag that it was a transitional piece because it could go from dressed up to dressed down in seconds. (pants and flats to no hose and heels) !

What you need to know:

This item is made up of 92%Modal, and 8% Spandex. It is machine wash, cold water, gentle cycle, and tumble dry on low heat, it is a snap to maintain and I love it because it DOES NOT wrinkle! YogiClothing.com

The Tunic Top Leah in Grey is MADE in the USA – you know this is one of my favorite things, products created in the USA!

Ordering to receiving – a few days passed and it was on my doorstep, with excellent customer service and this makes a difference when ordering online. No ordering stress and a package right to my door step and ready to roll out and wear, Excellent service!

Looking for fun, trendy, stylish pieces, Yogi Clothing has it, now you need to get it.  Check out their trendy site. The LBD may turn into that LGD(little gray dress/tunic), it sure did for me:)

The Yogi Clothing site has many great pieces on it, I simply chose a piece that would function well in my wardrobe.  The site has everything from outwear to tops, bottoms and dresses.  If you are looking for clothing that works well with your body and your wardrobe, you have to take a peek at this site.  The styles are incredibly trendy and the clothing is functions well with other pieces that most of us have in our closets.

Here’s to comfort and style, done affordably at Yogi Clothing.
























Disclosure Policy:  I reviewed this piece of clothing in return for my true and honest opinion which is what is set forth in this blog.











I received this clothing item in return for my honest and true opinion which is what I have provided.

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