You know I am an avid Cheerleader for ALDI as it saves you money everyday by shopping there.  In essence, you have to grocery shop, so shopping at ALDI means more goods for less money and that is a great BOTTOM LINE.  Speaking of ‘bottoms’ so many of my readers have babies and need baby wipes, something that can be cost offensive at so many stores, but not at ALDI.

Wipes by ALDI

Aldi Wipes.. Less than $2 a container

Aldi has these great baby wipes that are smooth, cleansing and non-irritating priced just right!  The values don’t stop there, you can pick up milk, veggies, cereal, and juice, all those important ‘kid things’ very frugally at ALDI.

The Lullabies Wipes are 72 Count, hypo-allergenic, Fragrance free and contain ALOE and Vitamin E!  The Lullabies Wipes were awarded the Parent Tested Parent Approved Winner’s Seal of Approval which is determined by North America’s largest volunteer parent testing community!  These wipes cost lest than $2 a package.

I would love for your to try these wipes and more.  I have a $25 gift card to ALDI to provide to you.  Enter the Rafflecopter below and Get Aldi-fied!
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I rec’d ALDI baby wipes in return for my true and honest opinion.  As with everything I write I offer you my honest opinion as set forth in this blog.


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  1. my toddler’s bottom & sometimes her face & hands

  2. Jill Schmitz says:

    I use them to remove eye make up.

  3. To clean my face and wipe away makeup


  5. Holly Deuel says:

    I use wipes on my on my littles one when changing them and wiping their face and hands. I also use them to wipe up messes and spills at meal times occassionally.

  6. I keep them on the toilet to use as after cleaners..i mean hey its used for babies why not for adults! :P Just as good as the cottonelles

  7. I use wipes to keep my potty training toddlers accidents “in check” and to keep dirty hands and faces clean!

  8. I use wipes for everything! Messy car hands, hineys, faces and hands after dinner, quick cleaning wipe ups, etc. love wipes!

  9. Karen Leckwart says:

    We use wipes at our house for everything!

  10. Everyone in my house use wipes!

  11. susan nichols says:

    Use wipes to clean my stove and sinks.

  12. I keep wipes in the car for dirty & sticky fingers.

  13. Amanda Bosnyak says:

    I use them for everything. Of course, wiping the little bumm but I also keep them in the car for cleaning up the kids after playing at the park. I use them around the house for cleaning up little messes as well.

  14. Everything and anything

  15. vikki Billings says:

    I use wipes to change my granddaughters diaper and also to wipe dirty, sticky hands.

  16. I use them for my grandchildren and I keep them handy in the kitchen.

  17. Jessica Simmons says:

    Everything! Hands, faces, bottoms, shoes, spills, cleaning the inside of the car, quick stain remover on-the-go.

  18. Winnie Neely says:

    Everything! Messy hands and faces, sticky spills, you name it!

  19. Allyson Hunter says:

    I use them for cleaning up after doing arts and crafts. :)

  20. at my house we use wipes for everything, messy hands, bottoms, faces….whatever needs a quick wipe up

  21. They are great for removing make-up!

  22. I use wipes for cleaning up sticky hands and faces!

  23. Karen Shoemaker says:

    I use wipes for everything!

  24. dirty toddler butts and sticky fingers

  25. Abby Kraynick says:

    On my kids & I also use them to clean out my dogs ears ♥

  26. Allyson Tice says:

    for my babies, my car, my tables, walls, my face and anythign else I can think of!

  27. For my kids after our after school activities!!

  28. Nikki Muroski says:

    We use them for just about everything!

  29. Lisa Lee Cook says:

    I use wipes for all kinds of things even keep them in husbands tackle box to clean my hands while fishing!

  30. Since I don’t have babies anymore I use them to clean with and for dirty hands-keep them in my van

  31. Struggling Mom says:

    I use the wipes for cleaning, but need the gift card more, as I lost my job, my husband’s income is not paying all of the bills, and the food pantries do not give things like eggs, milk, and meat. I could really use the help right now to feed my kids.

  32. I keep them in the car for messy treats on the go.

  33. i’m a mom i use wipes for everything lol always have a pack pretty much in every room!

  34. face, bum and hands….not usually in that order! :)

  35. We use baby wipes in the bathroom and on the go. Thank you!

  36. I use wipes for everything! Cleaning faces, hands, spills, messes, spills on clothing, EVERYTHING!

  37. Ashley Brown says:

    We use them for everything. From spills on the counters to personal hygiene for all ages in the house.

  38. i use it for make up removal and for the baby of course…

  39. Corey kalainoff says:

    On my toddler’s bottom and to wipe my older boys faces

  40. Valerie Cowger says:

    We use wipes for everything in our house. The 4 yr old uses them to clean herself, whether it is sticky face and fingers or after going potty, she is all about the baby wipes lol. Dad likes to use them to help clean his greasy hands after working outside on the car and whatnot, and Mom (me) well they are just the handiest things for cleaning life’s little messes!

  41. I keep them in our van incase of any accidents or spills!

  42. I use them for road trips in the car & picnics in the park.

  43. Cathy Bradford says:

    For one the go messes

  44. barbara tryon says:

    To take makeup off my face at night

  45. Kayleen Hilyer says:

    I use them in the car for sticky hands, in the movies for sticky hands & faces, everywhere for every body part that needs a quick clean up!

  46. We use them for dirty bottoms, dirty hands & faces, deodorizing dogs when they smell and have just been bathed earlier, wiping off counters. etc. They have so many uses.

  47. Now that my kids are older and out of diapers, I use wipes in the car and my “on the go” bag. Great when you are out and about and hands needs a quick cleaning. I also use them for dried sticky spills on my kitchen tile!

  48. Denise Brink says:

    They are good for sticky fingers and wiping fingerprints from my Kindle.

  49. I use them in my classroom to clean dry erase marker off of laminated pieces.

  50. I keep wipes around for everything little dirty hands, to wipe up a mess, to refreshen faces and to wipe off my desk when I see any dust etc

  51. Rose Reeder says:

    I use them mostly for Grandchildren’s faces & spill. Wipe sticky stuff

  52. Angie Adair says:

    I keep them handy in the car. After an afternoon of shopping and handling everything others have touched…it’s a good way to clean your hands.

  53. Wipes on bottoms, faces, spills, counters, everything!

  54. Heather Erbe says:

    To clean our hands while out at the park!

  55. wiping my hands, cleaning the bathroom counter, and of course the obvious…lol

  56. Nina Fleming says:

    we use wipes for everything – bathroom sink, makeup removal, just about anything, including cleaning the dash of the car and steering wheel.

  57. Audrey Griffis says:

    we use them all the time for diapers, cleaning faces and harnds picking up small spills

  58. Cindy Motes says:

    I use them in the car if I spill coffee accidentally

  59. Jill Scavincky says:

    I use wipes for everything from faces, to hands, to bums to tables to carseats. lol

  60. Denise Vandenbusch Bohman says:

    I use baby wipes for kids faces and hands and where ever they are dirty. Keep them handy and with at all times.

  61. Kassie Jo Lauhoff says:

    Leave them in the car, there great for clean ups

  62. krystal moon says:

    My kids still use them instead of toddler wipes, they like baby wipes better.. Also for sticky fingers and to clean up messes.

  63. Shannon Rhoades says:

    Messy hands and faces when we’re on the go!

  64. I use wipes for my 2 kiddos…and I have always kept them in the car even before kids.

  65. Beth Dunlavy Hoppe says:

    carry them in the car for sticky messy hands

  66. I use for my little baby boy… :)

  67. For everything

  68. I use them in the car and to clean up after the dog.

  69. ann powell-quiel says:


  70. Dawn Loughner says:

    I like to keep them in the car for spills & sticky hands.

  71. I watch my nephew 3 days a week and so I use wipes to clean his little tushie.

  72. trista doerfer says:

    I use wipes to clean my daughters bottom. she is 7 months old.

  73. My daughter’s face is really sensitive, so we have to use wipes after every meal to clean her up or else she breaks out.

  74. I keep them in the car for any messes along the way. They work great and are so handy.

  75. Kristen Wirth says:

    I use them everywhere at school with my kids at the gym!!!!

  76. Everything! I love wipes

  77. Theresa Jenkins says:

    with 5 grandkids here everyday …I use wipes for everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  78. I use them for in the car with spills and make up removal – they’re wonderful when I don’t feel like splashing my face and waking myself up just to get my make up off!! :)

  79. Actually my husband would use them to remove his “make-up” when he comes in from duck hunting!

  80. I use wipes for everything! Kids, husband, and myself. You are never too old for wipes.

  81. i use wipes for sticky fingers and surfaces

  82. Sarah Yurga says:

    my daughter’s bottom, of course.

  83. alicia zirjacks says:

    I use them in the car and for camping

  84. Robynn Prichett says:

    Use them for my 6 month old nephew

  85. cynthia frizell says:

    I use them for just about everything, in the car, at the park, and many other places.

  86. Wendy Babcock says:

    We use them for extra clean feeling for the whole family.

  87. I use them for my little boy’s bottom, wiping his face off, cleaning hands, and cleaning up messes on the changing table.

  88. I keep them in my car for coffee spills!

  89. Patricia Casto says:

    I use them on my 3 yr old.

  90. Jodie McKee says:

    For my hiney! :D

  91. EVERYTHING!! Dirty, sticky hands, faces, etc.

  92. I use them for faces, hands and bums.

  93. my baby boys bottom and to wipe down dirty surfaces

  94. JoAnn Riddell says:

    almost everything that has to do with my grandchildren…lol

  95. cleaning little hands, faces, bottoms and whatever else is needed.

  96. Jenna Burris says:

    so far just for bums

  97. I use them for messes in the car.

  98. Use for extra clean hands!

  99. We always have some in the car for the messes.

  100. Besides the obvious, I mostly use wipes for spot cleaning. I’ve even used them for makeup removal when I’ve been out of makeup wipes. :)

  101. Melissa Barnes Walker says:

    We go through a LOT of wipes

  102. Lisa Brainer says:

    Chocolate covered kids and changing baby.

  103. they are the best to keep on hand in my kids “busy bags” for that “oops, ohhh” or even the ” it was an accidedent Mom”. The kids are 16,10,10,7,5 years old. ( the 3 youngest are boys)

  104. Paula Benvin says:

    I use them in the car, around the house and for my new grandaughter !

  105. messy buts and hands.

  106. We use these wipes for everything and they are only .99 at our store! What a bargain! I buy all of our wipes and almond milk and kefir at Aldis!

  107. I keep a pack in my car for messy little hands and a pack on the back of the toilet for messy little bums :)

  108. We use wipes for almost everything! Cleaning around the house, washes little faces and keeping little noses from getting sore in the winter!

  109. Jill Alicea says:

    I still use these for my 4-year-old when he goes to the bathroom! Flushable wipes are too expensive and you can’t actually flush them anyway without clogging your pipes, so baby wipes are a better bet and I use them frequently :)

  110. Holly Manthey says:

    We use them for faces and hands, especially while on the go or when we are camping!

  111. carren larsen says:

    My Grandson never has a clean face. That’s what I use them for most.

  112. Jodi Bradshaw says:

    my husband uses them

  113. I use them for everything and anything. Cleaning crayon/pen off the car, sticky fingers, clean off shopping carts, arms/legs after playing in the dirt and of course…my son’s behind.

  114. Absolutely EVERYTHING!!!!

  115. Misty Edmunds says:


  116. Terris Wooler says:

    I keep them in my purse and at home for everything wiping my hands and face! Instead of more expensive wipes!

  117. Connie Bolick Lee says:

    I keep them in the car when traveling for quick hand wipes after a snack.

  118. Colleen Stowe Colpitts McLean says:

    for everything! I have a package in almost every room and the car.

  119. potty training, spot cleaning, and cleaning my car.

  120. elaine powell says:

    anything messy

  121. Jennifer Hokanson says:

    Everything!! With 4 kids wipes are a must!! :)

  122. Martha Balderson says:

    Always have them in my car.

  123. Lyndi Malarchuk says:

    I use them for everything: wiping little bums, cleaning sticky fingers, wiping noses, removing makeup, cleaning off picnic tables at the park… everything! My “babies” are 6 & 9 and I will never stop buying baby wipes for them (or me).

  124. everything

  125. terry maigi says:

    We use them for everything! Face, hands, bottom, etc. We keep them on hand at home, in the car, and whenever we go out!

  126. Brenda Webb says:

    I use wipes to clean up the kids and lots of their little and big messes. I use them around the house and in the car. I always have a pack where ever I am!

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