The Wine Pendant By Stephanie Calinoff

Every day I am so thankful for my job because I get to meet people with specialized skills, products and ideas unlike any I have ever met before.  I bring these great new finds to each of you and consumer educate on every new product, skill, idea or piece that I come across and they are all clever.  It is unbelievable how many truly talented people our great world holds.   Wine Pendant from Stephanie Calinoff

Stephanie Calinoff is the latest new find I have been introduced to thanks to Mommy’s Memorandum.  Stephanie Calinoff Designs are custom-created jewelry that is stunning and for EVERYONE, there is no piece that just fits a particular person.  No two pieces are alike so you know when you order that yours will not be the same as your gal pals’.  Stephanie’s Collections include pieces from rings to cuff links, earrings, pendants and bracelets.


Stephanie’s line is very popular in upscale boutiques, specialty shops, craft shows and house parties.  MACY’s  New York debuted her line of  jewelry and The Queens (NY) Museum of Art has her specialty jewelry displayed and available for sale!  IMPRESSIVE!


Each and every piece created is started with a piece of glass and as Stephanie states, “glass is a medium that has limitless possibilities.” and her fine pieces show the limitless boundaries of glass, redesigned into a custom line of jewelry.  Glass however is not just glass, Stephanie uses may different types of glass one glass that Stephanie uses actually is a dual-colored glass which allows the light to reflect it as one color while transmitting light through the glass, this glass is dichroic glass.   Glass, Stephanie’s attention to detail and  a passion for what she does sets Stephanie Calinoff, one-of -a-kind handcrafted glass jewelry into a league of its own!


I have a true affinity for dry, red wine, there is nothing that I enjoy more than my red wine with friends and family.  When I began looking at all the possible pieces I could select from, I was instantly drawn to the WINE PENDANT.  The pendant screamed ‘DANA’ All over it! I love it on my silver necklace and with black tees and with my White work shirts, it allows me to have a decorative piece on while having a little flair with it!

Wine Pendant

As you can see, I was again presented with a piece of jewelry from a very talented design artist and for this, and with this piece, I feel the need to raise my glass of red wine and make a toast ” to Stephanie, thank you for celebrating Wine”!

If you would like to learn more about Stephanie Calinoff you can view her whole collection which changes regularly HERE.  Ordering is not your typical ordering process, you have to go to Stephanie’s Page, which is listed under the Click Here above and then “To Purchase Pieces – Go to PHOTOS and look for Sale. Mark the ones you want with SOLD. I accept Checks or Paypal –”  It is that simple.

I would love to offer you the opportunity to receive a $25 shopping credit to Stephanie Calinoff by entering my rafflecopter below.  And if one chance is not enough, see the rafflecopter below to have another chance on Mommy’s Memorandum.  2 chances to win!

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I was provided this piece of jewelry for review in return for my true and honest opinion which is what I have set forth in this blog.


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