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Susan Brown's Baby Have you heard of a Just for Mom Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer from Susan Brown’s Baby Collection?  I had not heard of it so I was eager to try it and see exactly what it was like.  I read the bottle and it stated that the product was a Hand Sanitizer that was moisturizing. I am always running places with my kids and after I get them all set in their car seats, seat belts and into the vehicle, I often feel the need to sanitize.  We are out and about and I want to feel like I can touch my face if I need to, without putting tons of germs on my face from the world!

I pushed the lid and the one side opened.  The sanitizer comes out of the bottle, clear and thick, and must be rubbed in.   The sanitizer must be well blended into your hands or it will feel sticky.  I applied it the first time and I did not rub it in enough, which meant my hands felt sticky, however, I tried it again and when I actually rubbed ‘briskly’ as the bottle suggested I was not left with this feeling of stickiness. The sanitizer is not for recommended for infants, but I did allow my children to try it, and they had to really rub it in.  I actually held my one son’s hand and locked fingers with him to work it through and into his skin, that worked well.

If you are looking for a hand sanitizer with that moisturizes this would be a great one to try out!











I was provided a sample of this product via SUBLIME MEDIA CONNECTION in return for my honest and true opinion which is set forth in this review.


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