These are photos of the item on our stroller.
Here is what See ‘n Store Had on their stroller

Are you a mom with errands to run, a baby in tow and a stroller that just goes, goes goes? Do you take your iPad everywhere you go so you can access your mail, and let the babies stay entertained while you are on the go? I know it is kind of unbelievable that technology can help us out so much with our daily chores but technology is only as good as its practical application and if you can’t use it, why have it? If you put a movie on and the baby touches the screen, it becomes the end of the movie so setting the iPad right on the babies lap is not ideal. In addition, cup holders on the stroller are taken by the babies bottles so if I want to cruise past my coffee place while I am out and about, where do I get to store my coffee besides in one of my hands!

The Seen ‘n Store stroller organizer has helped with all of this allowing the  iPad to be toted along, and used as needed  or to place a movie on for the baby to watch.  This is an easy one piece organizer that is black . You can see from my photo.  I have attached it  to the stroller.

While out and pushing the stroller, you can actually allow the baby to watch a movie.  Simply make sure the See’n Store is turned around to where the baby sits in her seat put the iPad in. It is attached, at her feet but she can not reach it.  Put the  movie on and think no more about it. If she wants to watch it, or just look at the pictures she can! This is a great way to offer you favorite informative, kid-friendly videos to baby!

Additionally  you can see there are a few pockets for bottles, both juice and a cell phone! This is great because as you are walking and if your phone rings you are within an arms reach of the phone rather than searching through the diaper bag on the bottom of the stroller where many phones get tossed. Alternatively you might have been carrying your cell phone in your hand before and trying to steer the stroller, this frees both hands! Technology porting has met its match. You can toss a sippy cup in there for big sister as well as a diaper for a quick change and wipes. This piece makes toting a diaper bag, unnecessary because everything is at your fingertips.

Imagine holiday shopping in a mall and running into the ladies room to change the babies diaper, slinging the diaper bag out of the stroller organizing what you need from the bag….. NOT with the See ‘n Store. You pre-load this with the items you need, cell phone, iPad, sippy cups, bottle, kleenex, sanitizer, diaper and wipes and it is all at your fingertips. You simply wheel into the ladies room, pull your little pumpkin out of the stroller, onto the changing table and everything is at your fingertips, no bending, stretching or searching gymnastics, in and out of the changer! I wish everything was this easy.

One thing I would mention is that I would have loved if additional pockets would have been located on the sides. My own* cup holders prevented me from being able to move this up a bit, which would have made it a little bit better for the iPad. I did like being able to have the iPad with me and using this in reverse- meaning the iPad faced my side no the baby side.

This item would make a great holiday gift for any new mom, or existing mom that has a reverse facing stroller.














Site Disclaimer:  Product Disclaimer right from See ‘n Store Organizer listing:  “*Multi-media display works with most rear-facing strollers (tablets require portfolio style case—not included). Multi-media display compatible with most rear-facing and traditional strollers including Fisher-Price, Peg-Pérego, Bugaboo, Quinny, Britax, UPPAbaby, Baby Trend Snap-N-Go, and many more. Screen holder fits one iPad or iPad 2 in portfolio case, or any 7″-10″ portable DVD player. (device and case sold separately).”


I have been provided a See ‘n Store Organizer to try and review.  As with any review I have provided my true and honest opinion.






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