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When you have a picture that you want in a frame do you imagine it ON a Frame?  I did and Rendi helped me achieve my picture ON a frame instead of framing a photo.  Rendi is a company that allows you to make ONE-of-a-kind gifts.  The company spans over 20 years.  Rendi is a way for you to earn income as you learn the Rendi Home Business Opportunity and you can even manage your own team! Rendi produces every product in the United States. All of the custom decor is made right in Trinidad, Colorado.  Rendi is a US based business that supports the US in its products and through its employees! If you are shopping home decor, Rendi needs to be your first stop!

I spent a great deal of time clicking through the numerous possibilities of Picture Visualization.  I was really torn between a wall  Palette Beam Sign and a decorative sign, but in the end I chose a personalized frame with my husband and myself, after all we started OUR family.  I thought long and hard about what I wanted to say in the photo and why I would choose it, but looking at the images that were supplied made it very clear, Our family was a family because of the two of us! That became my springboard to then design what would be our new Rendi Piece.

The site is easy to navigate through and use to create you Rendi creation.  To use the RENDI ordering you simply select the item you want, hover over the image that will show you a box that offers you the ability to change and create your RENDI.  This is where you get to add your words, change the font and make it YOURS.  I did not just order my picture and leave the site, I worked with the font, changing it from Uppercase to Lowercase, and changing the look of the script.  I tried a few fonts and did not like them, but after playing with each a bit and changing letter from upper case to lower case I was able to find a font that was just right.  I also learned that changing the color can do so much for the personalization aspect.  I found that simply changing a background color changed the whole scheme, it was incredible to watch the transformation live on the screen and then know what was coming! Absolutely Exciting.

The process is very easy, and took less than 10 minutes once I decided on a style, color and font.  The hardest part of the whole process was waiting for it to arrive!

My Rendi arrived really quickly and in such a special package, I truly hated to open it, so I waited for my husband to come home because really it was for him!  It seems that lately we have had so few pictures together, but there are plenty of pictures of us with the kids.  This picture was special as it was part of our journey through life and it was just him and me! Here is what the package looked like when it came.  It was completely encased in bubble wrap which ensured me that the item inside was not damaged in any way! (kudos to Rendi for doing this as so many of my items to review come in bumped, damaged or bruised due to poor packaging).

Here is the great package that arrived, and here is what the back of the frame looks like in case you are curious as to how you might be able to hang these.  In addition to hanging there is a small dial rod that I can use in place to support the frame which will allow it to stand or be hung! This is a great addition to our home!





I received this product through Karma Media in exchange for my honest review.

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