Fall is in the air, and the smell of cinnamon, apple pie, and soup fills the air!  Spending the day outside makes my crew maximally famished! When I get inside from a full day of raking, mowing, weeding and tending to the outside the last thing I want is a long-drained out dinner preparation, as the matter of fact, I want Zero preparation.  What is a tired mom to do?  My answer is always pre-plan and pre-think the menu.  I pre-think the menu before I go to the store and when I am at ALDI I often get new revelations and twists on my dinner offerings and snacks.



I shop ALDI with a simply smarter shopping list, which means I include items that are over 50% off the leading manufacturer by purchasing them with the ALDI brand while in the ALDI Store!  These items are great choices for snacking because some just make you feel good eating them and are priced well and others are organic and priced frugally!  Here are a few favs in my house:

1) the Aldi Lunch Box Pies:  .49 a piece ( a great little snack for the boys, heated up for seconds in the microwave) the price is friendly too!

2) Simply Nature Organic String Cheese only $2.99 and really delicious and full of calcium for the kids growing bones.  The price, UNBEATABLE with the quality of the product, as you can pay elsewhere $4.99 just starting for basic string cheese, and note this is ORGANIC!

3) Horizon Organic Chocolate Milk.  Very healthy and the price is also very great $5.99

4)  Simply Organic Apple Juice $1.49

These are just a few of the items I have on hand.  The Milks and Juices go in our OUTDOOR refrigerator so when the kids grab for something it is not a SODA! The fact that everything is organic and at a LOW ORGANIC price, makes me ALDI-Slap Happy!

Here is a great recipe I prepare over and over again with great satisfaction and complete thriftiness:


Aldi Potato Soup Mix (fully loaded- bacon bits, potatoes, etc) .84

2 Tbsp Margarine/butter (whichever is YOUR preference)

2-3 Cups of Chicken Stock Broth or Vegetarian Broth it does not much matter

2 Cups of Hot Boiling Water

In A Stock pot, simply melt the margarine, add the boiling water to the pot as well as the Potato soup mix, give it a few minutes to thicken and then begin thinning out little by little by using one cup at a time Chicken Stock or Veggie Broth(whichever you choose) until the consistency for POTATO Soup that you like is achieved.  Allow this to all cook on medium for about 15 minutes or less, just to get the tastes all combined.

We serve this inside of the mini bread rounds that you buy at the store and not only is it Frugal but it is hearty!





















As with all my writing I only provide my true and honest opinion as I have set forth in this blog.  This is a sponsored post .

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