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I love my kitchen and cooking makes me so happy! At one point in my life, I was actually a CHEF in my own place, until my life just go so insane with kids and I could not manage it all well! While I no longer ‘CHEF’ food professionally, I sure do wear the ‘CHEF’ hat in my home!  I love utensils that work and make my cooking easier and allow it to progress without challenging me or the food I am working with so I am forever on the look out for new, unique items that will help me in my pursuit of Culinary Excellence(at least in my mind) .


While looking for great peelers, I came across a site that offers items for: Bathrooms, cars, cleaning, decor, kids, kitchen, laundry and outdoors.  Each item is fairly priced and there is a great IMAGE to represent the item, which is so important when purchasing items online!  Within every category there is an additional category which breaks down the items into groups and I found this VERY helpful when looking for kitchen helpers!

I received a series of peelers, a 3 peeler set called Star Trilogy, exclusively found on Simply Good Stuff. The set is a three piece set of stainless steel Veggie Peelers made by Zena.  The three peelers are:

The Star Peeler, The Star Julienne Peeler  and The Star Serrated Peeler.

Each Peeler is Stainless Steel! Made by Swiss design and Swiss Construction with sturdy stainless steel! The peelers are all very easy to use and they are COMFORTABLE To hold, not awkward like some peelers.  These peelers are often sought after by those who have arthritis because they have a wide grip and peel E-A-S-I-L-Y!  The set allows me to virtually peel, skin and slice almost any fruit or vegetable imaginable! I know I will have this set for  along time to come because of its durable construction!


The Star Peeler: Is a basic straight blade that, is very sharp and glides across veggies like a skate gliding on ice. This has a Stainless Steel blade and it is incredibly sharp but will not allow for RUST build up if you are one that places it in the dishwasher (hooray).  This peeler is ideal for thicker peels like potatoes, apples, and carrots.  It is TOUGH.  It is going to work on all vegetables. We tried it on cucumber slices and every slice was perfect(rounded side of cucumber) The site actually suggested cutting cabbage in 1/2 and the shred it using the peeler for perfect cole slaw or using it with iceberg lettuce and doing the same!

The Star Serrated Peeler: The serrated Peeler is great because it has ‘teeth’ that grab and do not slip and when used on items like apples, tomatoes and kiwi, it digs in but does not dig into the items! If the fruit or veggie you are looking to peel has a smooth or waxy skin this is the peeler of choice.  The Star Serrated Peeler does not bruise tender fruit when it peels and it certainly will not SMASH it either.  The blade is so very sharp and the handling of the tool itself is easy, again with a wide grip.

The Star Julienne Peeler: This tool is by all means NOT the same as the other 2.  It has teeth and it will removed STRIPS of items not skins.  This blade Julienne’s foods like carrots, zucchini  and cucumbers for salads and veggie steaming, or quick sauteing.  The vegetables are little sticks when you are done using this tool.  No knife is needed, that is really a great feature. The handle is wide and easy to use.  The long teeth on this particular peelers make it really DIG IN as you use a pulling motion.  I tried it on cucumbers, zucchini, radishes and carrots and I had success with each.  There was no tugging, pulling or hand discomfort.   My mother who has arthritis was easily able to maneuver this tool as well.! 2 thumbs up!


Don’s Appliance, New Julienned Veggies from Star Trilogy Set Peelers and Tastefully Simple Garlic Garlic(rep Jennifer Janusek)





1 GARLIC GARLIC(tastefully simple)

Use the peeler to julienne the zucchini. Place Olive oil in bottom of pan, medium heat.  Add julienned zucchini, salt and a dash of garlic garlic.. allow this to lightly brown and toss over pasta or rice!



This tool set is a must in any kitchen.  Toss out any other peelers because this set is meant to last!

Simply Good Stuff has an excellent site with so many creative tips on every thing they sell.  Such as best cleaning instructions, cleaning with vinegar, making potato chips and so much more.  This coupled with the great items that make your life easier makes the site a MUST VISIT!











I was provided Star Peeling Trilogy Set in return for my true and honest opinion which is what I have provided.


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