MAYTAG CONVECTION, CERAMIC TOP Oven/Stove from Don’s Appliance

Oh the day has arrived, and on my door step and into my house came my new Maytag Convection Oven/Stove.  I am so excited I can hardly wait to use it, but Wait I will!  I cooked professionally for a few years and I miss my stove and kitchen the most from the restaurant!


I have to tell you everything I thought I knew about cooking kind of just went out the window.  I had to re-learn how to cook.  I love the ceramic top and I do not miss the old stove at all! It has thrown a bit of a challenge at me. Once I figured out the burners, it was a cake walk:)

I decided the stove looked to nice to cook on so the first night we microwaved and used a fryer. LOL!

We are just on day 2 and I called my mom to talk to her about Convection Ovens, if nothing else, we had a good laugh, because I feel like I am just learning how to cook …. all over again!

I will write to you in much more detail, but I wanted to share the look and feel of this new stove.  Are you in need of a stove, refrigerator, appliance? Don’s Appliance has 3 separate locations:  Pittsburgh(Baum Blvd), Canonsburg and in the South Hills on N. Highland Road.   Don’s Appliance offers what Pittsburgh Frugal Fans Crave:  LOW PRICES, Huge Selection and Outstanding Customer service!

I found out a bit of ‘insider’ information and I just had to share, I mean after all sharing news about a GREAT BIG SALE is the best way for us all to save a bit of money on GREAT appliances. Mark your calendars for September 13, 14, and 15th as the Special 41st Anniversary Sale is going to happen! What does this mean to you and me?  How about prices that are rolled back from when we were kids on appliances.  I ‘overheard’ that there were going to be Microwaves starting at $99 and dishwashers at $199 and up!   What about A washer and dryer each $249! Is this possible? You bet and remember, it’s Don’s Appliances  which means name brand items at LOW prices!

















Disclosure Policy.. I received product in return for my true and honest opinion and that is what I have provided.


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