Part of what I will be trying to do is give you an overview of what I have written about in ONE blog on the weekend! I hope this helps you catch up. NORTHEAST COFFEE COMPANY

Giveaways, If you are looking for a fun giveaway to join, jump in and enter our Portable DVD Giveaway, what a great way to win an early Holiday Gift! Speaking of Great Giveaways, Monday will be one of my BIGGEST giveaways ever- A Keurig Coffee Maker from Northeast Coffeemakers, but the coffee brewer is not the biggest part of the story ~ The Northeast Coffee Company is!

I was so excited to discover the  Northeast Coffee Company because you can get 24 packs of k-cups for what most places online are charging for 12! Need a little more incentive to visit Northeast Coffee Company? How about a Free Tumbler with your first purchase as well as $25,$40, $50 Keurig Coffee Brewer Rebates available NOW through the end of October, there has never been a better time to purchase a Keurig Coffee Brewer at Northeast Coffee Company!

Saturday is National Coffee Day which means FREE to you! Free coffee in many of your favorite spots like McDonald’s, Krispy Kreme, Niko’s Coffee House and a few others!

RAD works here has a great line up of free museums, to visit this weekend from the Frick to the Carnegie, enjoy Free Admission and a great family weekend, out and about in our great city!  You can visit Little Italy Days in Bloomfield and discover our Ethnic Rich Cities’ Vibrance!


Our City has a lot of great Non-Profit Organizations, and this Wednesday, October 3, 2012 has a very special 24 hour time to DONATE a gift of $25 or more to each of these organizations through Pittsburgh Gives dot Org, a great way to make your favorite Non-Profit know you care! Please consider donating!

Mary Poppins is coming to town ~ do you have tickets?  I can not wait to attend this great show.  The cast is sensational and the show will be magical.

Calling all hockey moms! You need to keep warm while you are in the rink and THIRTY-ONE has your blanket, personalized and on special!  I got mine, you have to have one of these, they are warm, and washable! A hockey mom’s best friend.  Check in with my representative, Jenn Stuber, I bet you will LOVE her as much as I do- Jenn knows so much about her products!   If you are sick of cooking, grab something easy with Tastefully Simple! I sure love the dip and the drink mixes, or maybe IT’S my representative WHO is just the best!



I had no idea when I started looking for appliances that Don’s Appliance had so many everyday brands, I always thought Don’s was just for the upscale names, but I have found out they have everything and their customer service can’t be beat!  I have been cooking up a storm and I will continue to keep you posted with all of my latest creations!

Pressure in the kitchen is ONE thing I can do without! Weeknights are a huge challenge to me, and cooking kind of falls to the back burner(lol) but with my new Pressure cooker by Fagor I have fallen in love with cooking meals, ALL in one pot literally under 20 minutes with taste that is second to none!  I will be hosting a sponsored contest by FAGOR to offer you one of these great FAGOR pressure cookers in the next week or so, so stay tuned, so you can turn the pressure of cooking down in your kitchen too!

‘If you are looking for a great PUMPKIN recipe, Pumpkin Roll Bars are a great way to enjoy baking, and the taste of pumpkin, and you can also try Pumpkin Pancakes, quite delicious on a fall morning, what a great way to say, Hello Fall! Don’t forget to try out the Apple Nachos,   I know it sounds weird, but YUM!



If you are looking for great kids stuff, I have found a wonderful way to haul all your stuff on your stroller and the iPad as well, keep baby entertained while you are cruising the mall or walking the neighborhood!  Kids love their names and they love seeing it on things they write on, Frecklebox has a great line of personalized items you can purchase for your kids to let them know how SPECIAL they are! Take a look.



I’ll be traveling to ALDI Test Kitchens and bringing you all back some great recipes in the next week and I am test piloting a new phone from Verizon Wireless Savvy Savers, A Droid ! I can’t wait to share that overview with you! Up and coming will be my Holiday Guide which will provide you with a review of items and a great idea of how they work, or don’t so you can start thinking HOLIDAYS!

If you are dieting before the holidays make sure to check out the scales I have been test piloting, the Quantum and the Ozeri, 2 very different scales!

Building a Fire Pit Fire this weekend? Here are a few tips on how to get it started! Kindle, Kindle Kindle and I don’t mean your handheld readers!


So many of you write into me each week looking for specific coupons, here is a list of the ones I had this week! Hope these help.









If you love unique jewelry, you have to check out Stephanie Calinoff’s exclusive originals! I love my WINE pendant and you can win a shopping credit by checking out my article HERE!

Next week, enter to win a Keurig, from Northeast Coffee Company  & a pressure cooker from Fagor.

Don’t forget OUCHEES, this is a great easy, peasy contest to enter and good luck winning!

The Greatest Show on Earth is coming to Pittsburgh and I have your Tickets, stay tuned and if you love Basketball, Pitt and Duquesne I have your tickets!


JUST FOR FUN    bogo

If you love grocery shopping, then you might be interested in helping NIELSEN and earning rewards. The Nielsen Company has a program that provides you the equipment and you simply scan in your UPC codes and in return you earn great prizes.  I did it for a while and I loved it, not everyone is eligible as they are looking for a representative sampling.  Interested?  Click Here!    If you are looking for Cesar, BOGO coupons for your dog, click HERE and enjoy a BOGO coupon! If you love eating out, make sure you check out how to get paid for eating out, click HERE!


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