The new world is all about our kids that are up and coming. Kids are the crucial foundation of our future and The Homewood Children’s Village of Pittsburgh, PA is a non-profit organization that works on improving the lives of the children in the HOMEWOOD Community, making them a solid piece of the future foundation.


The Homewood Children’s Village is taking part in the Pittsburgh Day of Giving, which is a one day opportunity to make a tax-deductible pledge of $25 or more to the Homewood Children’s Village through the Pittsburgh Gives dot Org website.   The Day Of Giving 2012 is on Wednesday October 3, 2012 from 12a until 11:59p, Eastern Time.


Many of us live in and around Homewood but we many not even know this organization exists, but here is what The Homewood Children’s Village is.

The Homewood Children’s Village is a non-profit organization whose mission is to “improve the lives of Homewood’s children while reweaving the fabric of the community in which they live.”  Our sole vision is that EVERY CHILD SUCCEEDS.  We provide programs and services from cradle to college through career and believe that through education and access to quality resources, these children and families can succeed in school and in life.  By donating to the Homewood Children’s Village through the Day of Giving on October 3rd, we can help change lives ().


Make a change in a child’s life by contributing to an organization that does such great things for children.

Support a local ‘burgh’ organization

Every contribution is tax-deductible

Contributions  can be made starting with as little as $25

Contributions are made via the internet and with a credit card, easy, hassle-free and minutes to make a difference!










Information in this blog is provided by the Homewood Children’s Village

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