Life is going green and so are many of the products out there to clean with, but not all are Created EQUAL! I look for products that are Green, Botanical, Non-Toxic, People and Pet Safe  and 100%  Natural that actually CLEAN.  In seeking items that met that criteria I found a brand, Aussan Natural.  I was given the opportunity to test run, All-Purpose Cleaner, Cash Wash Concentrate, Wheel Cleaner, Room Odor Eliminator by Aussan Natural


Aussan Laboratories researches replacements for chemical cleaning agents.  Aussan had the original goal to make a line of products that were plant-based and could actually CLEAN like the traditional cleaners with out harmful effects that are left with so many of the current products on the market.  The company has succeeded in this quest and Aussan Natural™ is the product!  It is non-toxic, people safe, pet safe!

Direct Source Special Products Inc. offers this line from Aussan Laboratories!  If you wash your car, the cleaner will clean, safely, effectively and without harmful chemicals.  If you are looking to clean up around the house and you use all purpose cleaners, Aussan Natural has a great formula that naturally removes grease and grime!


I used the Aussan Natural All-Purpose Cleaner for a few chores.  My first and toughest chore was cleaning grill grates before company arrived.  I actually sprayed the cleaner on the grill grates and then used my steam cleaner(mini pressure washer, lol) and together my grill grates were suddenly transformed from Gross to Grate(sorry could not resist).  In all honestly, I could see the grime moving from the grates as I cleaned.  I knew we could eat from the grates because this formula was non-toxic.  Please note, I used the steam cleaner which was hot water, moving the cleaner off of the grates, so I was certain there was not cleaner left behind as well:)

Car Care:  With a brand new car, car care is on top of my list.  I have a garage stocked with wash of every sort because I always have been meticulous about my vehicle.  The Car Care foams but don’t expect suds to take over the bucket because sudsing agents have been found as harmful to the environment and this product is Green and Great, not toxic to the environment or you! The vehicle was left clean and it took very little cleaning agent to achieve this.  I was very pleased with the formula and I knew as it washed DOWN My drive way that no pets or children would be harmed from the water as it was non-toxic and would not harm the waterways either:)

Wheel Cleaner:  With Aluminum Wheels I have a lot to keep clean:) I was glad to try the wheel cleaner.  Do not expect to just have this sprayed on and make it clean.  You actually have to spray it on the wheel,  and allow it to ‘soak’ for a couple of minutes then rinse, it is not fast acting but when it is done the wheel SHINES!

Room Odor Eliminator:  The formula is safe for hard surfaces.  I used it in the bathroom, and it diffused whatever my little ones could provide! In addition, we had a terrible smelling garbage can and I wanted to see if this could make a ‘dent’ in the rancid smell and I was impressed because the stank went from gross to gone(who knows what the kids had in that can)I smell lavender but I am not sure what the scent is

If you are interested in keep the earth Green and Clean, you can purchase the same products I used either on or at Aussan Natural‘s own website!

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As with any product that I review I offer you my true and honest opinion!


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