After a full day of going around, dressed for work, my my heels on, I just can’t wait to come home and take off my shoes! Don’t get me wrong, I buy wonderful shoes that are comfortable but after a while my feet just ache, I am constantly in motion.  Sometimes the arch of my foot is sore as well.  Despite all the pain, I repeat the process day after day, dressing up with heels and my feet, and back pay the price every night.  I believe it all comes down to shock absorbency- and Kendall GelThotics delivers this.

I have been fortunate enough to try something a bit different that works in most shoe types of shoes.  Not only did I try them, but my husband did as well.  GelThotics do not change the shape of the shoe,and they are lightweight.  The GelThotics do not slip or bunch up in your shoe, and they are MADE IN THE U.S.A.(you all know how happy this makes me).  GelThotics resists odor, bacteria and here is the best part: they  wash easily by putting them in the dishwasher, washing machine or cleaning it with any kitchen spray cleaner! LOVE LOVE LOVE this!  The stickiness that the GelThotics have will not go away, will not be sticky to your foot and will renew EVERY time you wash it!


I test piloted a pair on my husband.  He uses work boots every day of his life as he is on so many different construction sites.  I opened the pack up and handed them to him.  My poor husband never knows what I am going to ask him to try or when, so he asked me, “what am I doing with these?” I explained to take out the insole from his shoe and place the GelThotics Insert by the lining up the heel portion flush with the heel and press outward, working his way up the arch and continuing to press outward, the tacked bottom would hold the orthotic in place. A bit intrigued he asked me,  ‘Yes, but what is it supposed to do?”

I explained to him that he would experience Heel Pain Relief because the heel cup would provide state-of-the-art shock absorption and keep his heel low which would increase his stability and support without changing the shoe fit! In addition, I explained to him that the Arch Pain he feels should not be present because the foot will be retrained into a healthy position. In short, these would allow him to be on his feet all day, in his boots and not have that aching pain that is so often associated with being on his feet and in uncomfortable work boots all day long.


My husband wore them in his boots for one week, for a good trial, when they got dirty, I threw them in the laundry and washed them, and when they were done, we wiped them off and put them back in his boots, sticky for the boot, no longer dirty.  As far as heel pain and arch pain relief, he was quite impressed.  In general work boots are not that comfortable and it really does not matter what pair you purchase, so any improvement would have been great improvement from pain and in fact there was MARKED improvement.

Initially putting the first one in the shoe was a little confusing because I did not hand him the package, I simply handed him the product.    Once he got them in the boot and began wearing them and adjusted to the fact that they were in the shoe(even though as he said you really don’t know, you know you changed something:) he said that they were comfortable and you don’t even realize they are there.  My husband explained that he did not realize they were on during the day, but when he took his shoes off he could feel a real difference through the ARCH of his foot.

Quite honestly these are simple to use, and the product offers a way to still be comfortable in your shoes by the end of the day, a sensation that many of us are unfamiliar with.

What these are not going to do for you:

If you bought shoes that are too small, they are not going to make them better.

If your feet hurt because your shoes are too narrow, they are not going to help.

If your feet hurt because the shoes have no support they are not going to completely change the no support.


You can purchase these GelThotics online. For the next 30 days, anyone using this code “runfit” will receive 30% off their order!

You can connect stay updated with GelThotics on their Twitter Page and FB Page.














Disclosure Policy -I was given GelThotics to try and review, as with any items I try I provide my True and Honest Opinion.

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