Personalization & kids 2 things that go well together! Kids love things that are personalized, monogrammed, stamped with their name and sometimes as a parent I find it to be easier as well in order to match a kid up to their ‘stuff’! Personalization makes retailers  ‘HOT’ because they offer something that makes a gift unique and personal! Personalized gifts are HUGE all year round.

Kids love their names and kids love seeing their names.  I think about all the vacations we go on and the first thing the kids do when we go shopping is look at the racks of license plates, barrettes, cups, etc. with names and search for their own name.  Disappointed, and then uninterested in shopping any longer, the kids choose to remind me that their names don’t exist, something I already know because of the uniqueness of their names~~ we then walk away empty-handed.  I usually just explain to the kids that we can personalize anything we want with fabric paint, and they tell me that is lame and to date they have no taken me up on my fabric paint offer.  I agree it is kind of lame but at least I had a solution! 

I have decided this holiday season to find at least ONE gift that bares each child’s name on it in order to show them that personalization is available and it does not have to be done with fabric paint.  My search led me all over the place from office supply stores to card stores, but I was not satisfied with the items that any one of those locations was offering.  I wanted KIDS items that could be personalized, things they could use every day like: file folders, clipboards, coloring books and more and what I found at FRECKLEBOX was so much greater than a few things, it was a few hundred things that could be personalized!

Frecklebox is an online retailer that specializes in nothing but KIDS and Personalization.  Frecklebox is known for Personalized Gifts for Kids.  Frecklebox offers the following items as items that can all be personalized: binders, bookmarks, canvas wall art, chore charts, clipboards, coin banks, folders, growth charts, journals, lunch boxes, notebooks, place mats, puzzles, sight words, sketchbooks, stickers, storybooks, and wrapping paper.  This list is quite impressive and it leaves a mom or dad, aunt, uncle, grandma, grandpa and so on with MANY choices not a few!

Frecklebox provides gifts that are one of a kind and personalized!  The selection is ongoing and growing because of such demand, as I have described.  I think there is nothing more frustrating to a child than to not be able to find their name in a pile of personalized items, but I think there is nothing more redeeming than finding a site that offers way more than a personalized license plate!

If you prefer the educational route over just plain items that can be personalized like journals, folders, clipboards and the like then you need to know that Frecklebox offers personalized books for toddlers.  The books are actually prepared by you because you supply the stories and the artwork.  You might think this would be a long drawn out process but it is actually a breeze on the Frecklebox website.  Creating a personalized book creates a memory for a life time as the child you give it to will have it for a lifetime!

I ordered personalized place mats for each of my children, and I chose which type of artwork to embed on them.  I chose sports shirts for the one, a monkey for another and yet a leopard print for another.  In addition to choosing themes on the place mats you also get to choose the FONT style, Uppercase or Lowercase Letters and trust me it all looks different so be sure to play around with the lettering, I sure did. Now when they all eat dinner, at their particular seats they will have PERSONALIZED PLACE MATS to dine on.  I know they are each going to feel special because that is what personalization does. The place mats are really nicely constructed and can be wipes with a damp cloth in order to clean, so they are usable each day, not just for special occasions ~ I love that!

I additionally ordered personalized school folders for the kids to tote back and forth to school to remind them each how special they are! Kids love things that have their names on them and other kids love seeing these things too!  The school folders are printed in color on one side with extra sturdy 16pt. coated cover. Finish size is 9″ x 12″. They are really durable folders! The personalization makes it cool to carry to school.  I had a hard time choosing which folders I wanted because there is an endless possibility of choice: headphones, owls, butterflies, planes, sports, girl themes, boy themes, patterns, it is amazing but there is something for EVERY KID out there!


Once you place your order expect three days for processing (after all this is getting personalized)
To order on the Freckle Box site is super easy.  You pick the product you want personalized(there are so many styles of each), and then you put the name on it.  I tried all Caps and then all small letters and a mix just to see what looked best, especially on the folders, and it is amazing at how different things look with Caps or without Caps.  I was able to preview the folder, and I chose a combo of Uppercase and Lowercase letters.  I was so glad that I was able to do this.  You can preview EVERY thing that you order and see how it will look.
This site is great for kids from pre-k to Teen years because they have designs that the little ones will love, like monsters and sports to the older kids designs like cheetah, zebra and camouflage.  You won’t need much time if you are zero’d in on what you already like, but if you don’t know what you want, you will need to spend a bit of time perusing through all the options.  I was absolutely torn between binders versus folders.  The site is easily navigable and offers endless possibilities for personalized gifts!
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I received the items mentioned in the blog in return for my true and honest opinion which is what I have set forth in this blog.


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