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If your kids are all about seeing their names on everything they own, you need to meet FRECKLEBOX.COM. Personalized Gifts for KIDS!

Frecklebox is an online retailer that specializes in nothing but KIDS and Personalization.  Frecklebox is known for Personalized Gifts for Kids.  Frecklebox offers the following items as items that can all be personalized: binders, bookmarks, canvas wall art, chore charts, clipboards, coin banks, folders, growth charts, journals, lunch boxes, notebooks, placemats, puzzles, sight words, sketchbooks, stickers, storybooks, and wrapping paper.  This list is quite impressive and it leaves a mom or dad, aunt, uncle, grandma, grandpa and so on with MANY choices not a few!

These personalized gifts will make great HOLIDAY gifts.  If you want a great buy on PERSONALIZED items, click HERE and receive and get 20% off! This offer is valid only until October 11, 2012, so think quick and think HOLIDAY! Order fast!

We’d love to let you try out FRECKLEBOX.COM ~ enter here to win a $40 Electronic Gift card to their online store! GOOD LUCK.
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