Vitamins, supplements, energy supplements, weight loss supplements, fish oil, rev honey, night food, and so much more, all in a box, a BULU box, delivered to your door step monthly.  Bulu boxes contain samples of vitamins and supplements that are available in the better markets.  The box is designed to give you a sampling of each of these items and see if you actually LIKE them before you commit to any of them.  PFM bulu box image

BULU Box offers several different brands like: Vplenish, immun-viva, cellucor, pure matters, rev Honey, Detour just to mention a few.

The program is simply this: Sign up by determining your frequency, monthly or yearly samples,  Sample a new box monthly with different items,  Share your opinion if you choose with the BULU community, Save by coming back and purchasing the full size items of things you enjoyed and getting specials for being an ‘member only’

One sample that I had that really stood out was rev Honey PEACH.  It is energy in a tube.  The paste gel inside tastes like a delcious combiniation of Peach and Honey!   It is raw honey and peach creates fuel for your body! I ate it on my finger, in my tea and on crackers biscuits, it really was good.  PFM Fav

There were many other great items in my BULU box, like Vplenish, and pure matters and Probulin.  Each sample offered something different.


Each monthly box costs $10

Each box contains 4 to 5 samples

You can cancel your membership at any time.

If you are   a person into health foods, looking to strike a balance in your diet or making lifestyle changes this box will work well for you. The products that came in the box were all name brand and offered a nice sampling of what is available. This is a great way to test items out before buying them, but it may not make sense if you already have products that you use faithfully and do not wish to change. If you take medications that are not able to be mixed with supplements or have allergies, as you are not picking what goes into the boxes this may not be the right purchase for you.  Additionally, items in the boxes were not meant for children so if you are looking for items for children to sample this is additionally not viable.












I was provided a BULU box in order to review and offer my true and honest opinion as set forth in the aforementioned blog.

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