why consign      Lately I have seen a lot of POP-UP 2-3 day consignment sales and so many requests for consignors I can hardly believe that there are enough people to consign clothing let alone SHOP all these sales.  I have begun to wonder if Consigning clothes at these sales is actually a better deal for the consignor than the actual public. What I have found is that the Consignment Sales are actually well-shopped by the people consigning almost more so than the actual public waiting for these sales.

Consigning means that you are cleaning out the closets from past seasons, and placing your clothing items in a sale.  The sale will often provide a 60/40 split, meaning you will get 60% of your marked cost and the consignor owner will receive 40% off everything you sell.  It is a great way to clean up a closet quickly and attempt to get it all sold, rather than placing it on the Craig’s List or E-Bay and praying it will sell against your 30,000+  competitors.

The down side of consigning, if your items don’t sell are you ready to just donate it or will you offer it at their half price sale just to DUMP it?  That is a decision only you can make.  While the downside certainly does not lessen interest of avid consignors it does exist so it bares mentioning, however on a whole if clothes are priced at fair market value, they are going to sell!  I have participated in over 8 consignment sales and I make a good wage for selling what my kids are no longer using!  I look at it this way, if it is sitting in the kids closet and they are not using it .. it was not making money anyway, but if I sell it and only earn a little it is still money!


Consignors must make sure the clothes are clean, hung and tagged properly and that they are not recalled.  In addition, clothing must still be ‘in style’ and fashionable.  Many of the newer Consignment sales don’t want clothes from WALMART and KMART because those clothes can not even be offered at competitive prices.  Really, let’s face facts, WALMART has enough of its own $1 racks that the bargains are not getting much lower than a dollar!

Consignors have to drop off, sort, and be prepared to deal with many emotions about parting with their items.  Many Consignors also work as volunteers. In addition, as a consignor there is a TIMETABLE that must be followed for EVERY sale that you participate in, no matter the venue: tagging done by, drop off by, and pick up of any items not donated.. Can you be committed to the process?


Turn your consigning time into a maximum profit situation!   Sometimes working as a volunteer can increase your monetary split. (not every sale offers this, but many do)  A few sales offer an additional 10-20% more based on you hours worked.  Making 80% of your item priced is great. Let’s take a look.

If you offer an item at $20 and get 60% of the profit, you are making  $12 on this item, however… take the same $20 item, volunteer a set amount of hours and receive 80% of the profit you are now  looking at making $16 on the item all because you volunteered a bit of your time.


Volunteerism goes a bit deeper though, because as everyone knows being a savvy shopper goes deeper than the price tag, it is the true find of a bargain that really brings home the deal! What am I talking about?  You get to shop first! You actually get to shop in many consignment sales before the consignors and definitely before the public.  You are going to get first crack at EVERYTHING and ANYTHING you are setting up.  First hand shopping experience, with products that you will get to see and purchase first while making up to 80% off, HOW VERY PITTSBURGH FRUGAL.


The deals go a bit further than this– imagine consigning, volunteering, making up to 80% of your ticketed prices and receiving pre-sale privileges for the 1/2 off sale! Yes, like I said the reasons for volunteering and consigning run deep into the sale.  You will receive the best shopping on this planet at 1/2 off first!  What more can a gal ask for?


Finally, you may not have anything to consign but you would really love to be able to shop before everyone else or to see everything that is incoming, and you can achieve this by VOLUNTEERING.  Volunteerism at a sale means, fixing up the displays, checking racks to make sure the right items are hanging there, shelving things, helping at check out, helping customers in the store on the sale dates, set-up, take down and more, but your benefits are LARGE! Volunteer and receive exclusive pre-shopping times.  You shop without the public, you shop and have first selection and you will FIND great deals because you have first view of everything.  For those of you who LOVE you clothes and your brands there is nothing better than scoping out bargains while working as a volunteer.  CONSIGNMENT OWNERS love their VOLUNTEERS!


Rock It is a fabulous 2-day consignment event for girls, juniors, and ladies. The sale features new and gently used clothing from the hottest brands, cool shoes, and endless accessories for a fraction of the retail price. Rock IT is located in the ICE-O-PLEX at Southpointe and if that is not ringing any bells for you, you are by CANONSBURG, PA.  This sale is: October 19th 10am to Midnight & October 20th 10am to 10pm.

Rock It is looking for Volunteers to help with the sale, as well as CONSIGNORS to sell in the sale.  IN addition, ROCK IT wants everyone to know about the sale.  This is a fabulous name brand event sale that should not be missed.  If you know a College Student that is local, you definitely want to tell them about this sale because they are on a budget and the ROCK IT prices will give them affordable, trendy clothing at a fraction of retail! If you know someone who is looking for MATERNITY clothes send them to the ROCK IT sale.  The selections are unbeatable and the prices are great!

If you want to learn more about consigning with ROCK IT or Volunteering with ROCK IT, click HERE and you can find out how to get involved.  The sale is up and coming and the ROCK IT staff is waiting to meet YOU!

Consigning comes with huge benefits and volunteering enhances those benefits 10-fold.  If you are really looking to save money even when you have to spend it, consign, volunteer and shop all the pre-sales from full price to half-price! I’m all over it!  Get your Pittsburgh Frugal on!


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