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The ring of the doorbell, not the ring on a cell phone, the sound of crayons moving smoothly across a coloring paper,  not  the sound of clicking while fingers text, the sound of giggles with giggles rebounding back, not silence, no modern technology, no googling online but absolute googling of 14 sets of little eye-balls checking out the loot that they were going to receive and snack on for a wonderful Barbie The Princess and The Popstar.     Pretzel crunching, pizza munching, giggling, chattering and singing Princess Barbie’s, that’s what little girl Barbie Parties Are made of.  This party was no ordinary party but a timely release of Barbie the Princess and The Popstar DVD and the new Barbie™ dolls – Tori & Keira.

Tori Doll - Keira Doll -

It was a Sunday afternoon when our party hostess Ms. Gabby had 7 of her BFF’s to a Barbie the Princess and the Popstar party.  At 12 noon the doorbell began to ring and friend by friend the girls filled the house with giggles and girl power unlike any other.  As we headed down stairs to where the party was set to roll out, I could not wonder what the day would hold for the girls.

A table held the tiaras and dolls that were for her guests and as each BFF entered the room they quickly snapped up their loot! The excitement began as they chose their tiaras and dolls.  Princess Cupcakes, petite pretzels and juice were served for refreshments.

The stars of the party were revealed and loved:  Tori & Keira.  Each of the Barbie™ dolls – Tori & Keira  sang, and had clothing that could be changed in an instant.  My two little hostesses each held tight to their Tori and Keira dolls and showed them plenty of love, while their BFF’s enjoyed Barbie™ The Princess and The Popstar” Fairy Small Dolls. 

Showing Barbie some Love

Tori Doll-  The new Barbie DVD that we watched at the Barbie party: Barbie™ The Princess and The Popstar, introduces the new Barbie who takes center stage and stars as TORI.  Tori has a dream to become a POPSTAR.  What makes the Tori doll special is that she can change her hair from blonde to Pink hair and change out her ball gown to a cool Rock star outfit! The girls LOVED changing her hair and clothing back and forth and it was really easy to do! The cool new Barbie TORI, also SINGS 2 songs that you will hear in the DVD as well.  Singing is activated through touching the necklace on the Tori Doll!  I can actually tell you I think the songs became embedded in my head because the girls kept playing them over and over again, because they are ‘catchy’ and cool!

Keira Doll – Conversely, Keira wants to be a PRINCESS like Tori.  (you know the grass is always greener:) The Keira doll also transforms both her hair and dress.  Keira however has the opposite look rocking on.  Keira has Purple Rock Star hair that changes to brown hair and Keira changes her POP STAR outfits for a beautiful, Princess-like gown. We changed Keira back and forth several times throughout the party as well and it is toddler easy to do!  Keira sings and I think I can sing all the lyrics myself.  The girls just pressed the necklace over and over again which activated the singing.

Loving Tori

The DVD truly was sensational.  The girls jumped from listening to the story about Barbie and coloring over to the DVD.  “Barbie™ The Princess and The Popstar”, Barbie plays the character TORI, who longs to live the life of a popstar rather than a princess.  Conversely, Keira, is vying to become a princess an not a pop star.  The story as you can imagine has the two girls trading places to see if the grass is really greener on the other side:)  The lesson learned is well conveyed, in a manner that the children can understand:  be happy with the lives you are leading, because the grass is never greener on the other side.  The music is entertaining, and fun and something that will span generations while bringing them together.  I enjoyed the movie as much as the girls and I loved watching their faces GLOW when the music played and they sang along with the song sheet.

Barbie DVD

The Barbie Party

Barbie getting some love:)




Barbie TimeOur Hostess


Our Hostess presenting set upAll ready to partyAll set up Oh What I learned about Barbie:)

Tiara TimeThe Set UP of Tiaras and Mini DollsPrincess CupCakesOpening and Presenting BARBIE

Treating Barbie to a SeatBarbies and Princesses all together:) Adding a little color to the world

Story Anyone? A Barbie Doll Princess Party attendeeBarbie makes all little girls smile:) Hanging out while the girls party

Princess Party Food

It's all about the Princess Party:)


The party was absolutely a great success.  The girls chatted up a storm and I found things out like the many adventures Barbie Dolls have had through windows, through doors, in siblings closets and how little brothers are a bit tough on dolls.  One little girl relinquished to me that her brother ran her doll over with a monster truck.  One thing is for certain, BARBIE has a place in each little girl’s life and the dolls at the party were fun and kept the girls entertained.  Every time I turned my head, one of the girls would be playing the song from the Keira doll or the Tori doll.  They were learning the lyrics, singing along and having a great time.  Coloring sheets led to much discussion about Barbie and where she has traveled with each little lady or how their brother’s possibly steal their dolls! Quite interesting and details I had to pinky swear not to share, so ‘mums the word’!


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This is a sponsored post from One2One Network. Mattel product and additional incentives were provided to me.  All opinions stated are my own.”


  1. Bethany Fields says

    I like Keira, mine and my daughter’s favorite color is purple and we are both brunettes… She stands out to us of course!

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