Adventures of Pittsburgh Frugal Mom and the XY BOARD




Technology can bring you  ahead beyond anything you can imagine and 6 months ago I began my journey learning how to use  my Droid XY BOARD from Verizon Wireless.  I jumped in ready to learn and use something new and I had no idea how 1 tablet could change my life.  As an avid iPhone user I had no idea how NOT similar the two products could be.  Learning how, to use the Droid XY Board has been challenging and sometimes harder than it should be but I have found something important ~~~that it not the product that has posed a challenge, rather my own inability to keep things easy constantly over-thinking the functionality of  the Droid Xy Board.  It is just like the quote states that you get so much information all day that your common sense kind of does not stay with you, and I was making the board harder to use than it is; swiping fingers across it to fly through screens, copying and pasting function that is easier to use than a flash your eyes and so forth.  The Droid XY IS SUPER EASY to use and it has a vast assortment of apps that help me get the most out of all my blogging, traveling and life adventures.

I can’t remember a day in the last six months that I  have not checked my email on the run.  I love the apps I have downloaded from bathroom apps to gaming apps and more.  My screen is a large screen, not a small phone screen, something that after age 30 you can identify with because squinting comes with the aging process!   My days are loaded with activity from the minute I  wake up until the  minute I unplug .

I have days that I am basically unable to leave any social account untended so with the Droid XY Board by my side I have challenged myself to get more done, easily and it has worked. I absolutely get more done each day because I have Reliable Service as well as a Reliable Droid XY Board.

The board has my emails, my blog, my life, calendar, my clients, and it enables everything  to just flows seamlessly because I have been able to just get everything done on the go.  You might say you could have this with any Board, or Tablet,  but that is honestly not the case.  The difference maker is the equipment as well as the 4g service which is AMAZING!  I can tell you this from having both Verizon Wireless and AT&T as providers.   If I have to pick which service I want I can tell you, Can you hear me now is definitely weighing on my positive side!


I love my voice record feature because it saves me from typing and if it does misspell something I usually get a good laugh at the word it has replaced my word with.  I love being anywhere and pulling it out of my purse to catch up and then just go on with my life.  The Droid XY Board is light, thin, chic, and built with gorilla glass and all of this meshes with my chaotic lifestyle.  One of the features I have loved best about my Droid XY BOARD is the camera.  It has been a blessing as with clarity unparalleled to any other mobile device I have used, and I have used a few:-)

My biggest challenge now is just trying to break free of always wanting to be plugged in because I know I can be.  With great service, and coverage from Verizon Wireless and a great tool like the Droid XY Board it is so easy to work all the time that I often don’t know when to stop working.  Want to know what all the hype is about?  Check out the Droid XY BOARD at your local Verizon Wireless Store.






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