ACTIVE ENERGY FROM ALDI ~ Great For The Holidays

A school calculator, WII Remotes, Television Remotes, Flash Lights, Remotes of any kind, light-up decorations, among just a few things that make parents run for batteries and lots of them. Kids and batteries go together like peanut butter and chocolate.  It is unbelievable how many batteries kids can go through.  We have used rechargeable batteries, expensive batteries, and dollar store batteries and it does not matter where they are from, just so they work!

Did you know that ALDI sells batteries? There are not huge displays, there are not racks, they are simply placed in the aisle, in a carton with paper and cleaning products. The batteries offer the longevity of name brand batteries but it is their price that makes them EVEN more attractive, only $1.99 as compared to batteries at the price of $8.99. Batteries are a must for many of us, but PRICE is not and you can beat the cost of over-priced batteries by purchasing them at ALDI!

Get your toys, remotes and flashlights all Batteried Up with ALDI great prices. Save big on batteries with ALDI.


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