The plight of weight gain and weight loss, up and down go the numbers on the scale.  A scale can be your best or your worse friend depending on the numbers it returns.  I often think of the scale as a food critic that gives bad reviews because it seems that the scale does not deliver good news on a continuing basis. If you have been losing weight on an on-going basis, the slightest rift of a 3 digit number on the scale can break your day or throw you into depression, I know!  Over the last few years I have gone into a completely new mode of eating and lifestyle change and I depend on numbers to show me the results!  This may be wrong or it may be right, but  I personally can not stand looking at the three digit numbers on the scale.  There has to be a way to see improvement or no improvement without making you feel worse about your weight!
What is Quantum Scale?  Quantum SCALE is a scale like no other, you step on, it records YOUR weight, and it never shows you your weight.  Simply it will show you if you have gained or lost weight! The plus or minus simply shows you if you are going in the right direction with all your lifestyle modifications or if you need to try a bit harder.  You will no longer FIXATE or OBSESS  on a 3 digit number that can really throw you for a loop when you don’t meet the expected 3 digit number you are shooting for!  It is great!  I have a few scales in my bathroom and I play leap frog to see which one will give me the better weigh out but in the end, I keep coming back to see the QUANTUM Scale readout because I like not associating a 3 digit weight with my thoughts of weight! The scales readout  energizes me whether I am plus or minus which then leads me to figure out what I have to do to conquer my goals, and I tweak my plans a bit!

I received a PINK Quantum Scale to try out and I love it! The color is pearlized pink, it is tempered glass and it is sleek looking.  I simply Tap the scale with my foot, that wakes it up, and then I stand on it, and it lets me know if I have gained or lost but it does not show me a 3 digit number! The only thing the scale shows me is a  LOSS or A GAIN! ENERGIZING! This scale is for ONE person only, however, you can reprogram it by a simple touch of a button on the back, however then you need to touch the button again if you are going to use it after someone else! I do feel that makes it a small drawback to consumers because often COUPLES go on diets together.  If you each want to use it resetting it time may take away from the overall experience of just jumping on and seeing results!  We did not understand this until we both went to weigh in and read the directions.
The scale is very lightweight, and it is sleek to look at.  In my home, the door actually can close above it and the scale is not in the way.  The Quantum must be on a hard surface in order to get a readout.  There are 6 colors available, so you can really add your touch to your scale! I also tested its weight recording against my 2 other scales and it is accurate!  The scale is for a maximum weight of 330#and is for a single user.
If you are getting ready to start your lifestyle change or if you are beginning to kick up your exercise in order to tone a bit more and lose a bit, this scale will be your new best friend.  You will be able to focus on positive change and feel good about yourself.  The scale has been featured on the Discovery Channel, Today, Dr. Oz, and Tyra.  It is revolutionary.
If you are thinking about Holiday Gifts, as the season is upon us, this is a must have.  The scale comes in 6 colors and you can order it directly from the Quantum Website or from Amazon.

The Quantum Scale-A Scale That Never Shows Your Weight, Only a Loss or Gain From The Time You Start A Diet!

I have been provided this product in return for my true and honest opinion which is set forth in this blog.

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