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My closest friend, the one who knows my digits the best ~pfm


I am never quite sure if the scale is going to be my enemy or my friend and I know I have a lot of other fans that feel the same way! What I am sure of is that I need my scale to deliver me the message be it bad or good in order to correct my weight! If I need to exercise more, eat less, so much can be derived from those numbers on the scale- so it better be ACCURATE. I have been using the Ozeri Precision Pro II Digital Bathroom Scale.  The scale offers 440 # Capacity and a Tempered Glass Platform with Step-on Activation.  It is sleek in design, and fun to use.

When the scale came to my  house I was a bit hesitant to use it, I have been using an old-fashioned step on scale with numbers that roll on a dial.  The Ozeri Precision Pro II Digital Bathroom Scale looked sleek, and intriguing but then I thought, “I bet it is going to be complicated to use because nothing this good looking could be that easy.!” I was very wrong. Easy, sleek and accurate, three words that describe this little FIND!


1) The Ozeri Precision Pro II Digital Bathroom Scale is on sale at AMAZON for the summer.  The scale retails for about $70 but is on sale for just $28.95 and Shipping and Handling.This is 40% off its listed price!

2) The Back-lit LCD screen allows for easy reads in all light levels throughout all hours of the day

3) As soon as you step on the scale it weighs you, you do not need to do ANYTHING to activate it!(1 step easy)

4) I was surprised to find this out:  The scale has an Award-winning design  and it features an over-sized weighing platform with impact-resistant tempered glass.  (I knew about the impact-resistant tempered glass) but I did not know that it was an Award Winning Design

5) There are 4 precision sensors that will calculate weight up to 440 Pounds.

6) It runs on 2 Triple AA Batteries which should be included(mine were)

7) The scale has AUTO TURN OFF which will save you battery LIFE.


We have been working with an old-fashioned scale that utilized the Spring System- it was time for a change so when I learned of the opportunity to try this the The Ozeri Precision Pro II Digital Bathroom Scale  I jumped at it!.  I am so glad I did.  It is accurate, and fast and it is EASY to USE.  Ease of use is such a big thing with all consumers.  I can not tell you how many people write in to me and tell me about products they have used that are not easy, and they would never use again.  I can assure you that if you try this scale you won’t use any others ever again.  It is a simple step on step off system. Step on get your weight, step off and walk away either happy or frustrated, after all that is the way, weighing yourself goes, there is no GRAY area:):)

I am completely conscious of my weight and I love being able to get a precise read out because I exercise and make sure that I maintain myself and the scale is my friend! The scale is so thin and cool to look at, so you could enjoy it even if you did not use it(j.k.- just kidding) .  In all seriousness, here is what it looks like in my bathroom, it can look just as great in yours!

My Scale

As for the pricing, now would be the time to purchase this item for Holiday gifts because it is priced 40% off of retail pricing making it a great buy.  The quantities are limited so when they are out, they are out! You can purchase them through AMAZON.COM










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