We’ve all been there one time or another, with the grand old debate of which flossing is better. Water Piks or String Floss?   We discuss it in our house after every dentist visit.

The kids like the water being squirted into their mouth(Water Piks) and my husband I are have also decided that we are really into using water instead of floss, it is just so natural.  We have all decided we do not like the floss sticks because  no matter the brand we use they break.  Once again, Water Pik or string floss?

My kids have decided that they prefer the Water Pik to conventional floss, and I guess how could I blame them?  It’s water, it squirts their teeth and it is fun to play with.  There is nothing quite like a Water Pik to really REV up bathroom time.  The teeth are getting cleaned and water is flying and in the mix you even get a clean mirror since the kids seem to think its funny to let the pik ‘spit’ on the mirror.  It’s only water after all!!! Placing a water pik in the kids bathroom was probably one of the best things I have ever done. Using a Water Pik is up to 3x as effective as flossing and so much more fun(as I have personally witnessed, from giggling to wet pjs!)

My kids seem more aware of mouth hygiene and they like feeling like they are ‘blasting away’ dirt.  Yes the word they mean is plaque but I think they get what they are doing overall.  Good Oral Hygiene stems from young childhood throughout the rest of your lives so we are instilling good hygiene habits.  Yes it’s water, and yes sometimes it can be messy but it’s only water and it dries up with the passing of a towel.  If you could hear the giggling the giggling that goes on when the Water Pik  initially starts it makes me laugh.  The simplest things amuse the kids, they hear it gurgle they call it a ‘fart’ .  If by chance one of them MISSES their mouth and hits the mirror I hear, “hurry up dry it up”.

On my end, as a parent, using a Water Pik has lent itself to some rather funny moments.   As for funny moments:  I could not figure out why the water was not coming out, possibly because I forgot to fill it! I also thought that by touching the button on the Water Pik I would be slowing it down, instead I popped the Water Pik head off and of course the kids just thought that was too funny and again laughter ensued.  You do have to read the directions and it is so easy to use, I just was so excited to test it out, I failed to do all of that!  The Water Pik with the Sonic Brush has been to date one of the nicest items I have tried.  I have to admit, I can not decide which setting I like better on the brush, slow or fast, but it sure does clean well.   I also know that it is not enough to just brush alone, so having the Water Pik attached makes remembering to do both tasks a ‘no brainer’.   Using a Water Pik is up to 159% more effective than manual brushing(it takes effort and commitment to keep your teeth clean).  Brushing with a SONIC Brush made my teeth feel ‘DENTIST CLEAN’ without the Dentist Price.

As the debate has ended, we are sold that we like the Natural approach to flossing, the Water Pik, which only uses water.  I love that I never have to worry about running out of floss in the house or sticking my lip with another floss picker or having a floss pik break in my mouth.  Water is always available in my home so it is a very natural progression and green way to handle our flossing. Holidays are coming and these are a great gift!  If you are sending someone back to school here is a great way to Save $10 .  Like Water Pik on FB and you get a great savings! If you choose not to use this for a back to school item for your kids, stow it away for the holidays but save Money on it now!  A $10 Savings Coupon on the Complete Care system is now available and can be found on Water Pik’s newest site here:















DISCLOSURE POLICY – I received free product in exchange for this post.  All opinions expressed are my own.

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