A mom and a Great idea is a way a lot more PRODUCTS are hitting the net! If you have kids you will want to read this!

The average amount of pedestrians killed in a traffic crash every 120 minutes is ONE and with that said, 2/3 of the pedestrian fatalities occur during the dark or with minimal street lights. Visitbility in the dark is impaired FOR EVERYONE.  Bikers, skaters, walkers, joggers are not clearly visible to traffic during dark hours.  There are ways to make the ones you love saferMy thoughts have already moved to Halloween.  I can see my kids having these on their costumes, and me having a piece of mind! There are so many ways to use these: camping because you can reflect flash lights off of them, or hiking at night, or when the kids are out playing Night Time Release running around the neighborhoods, etc.  Real life demands real solutions and these are Great products !  As I always tell my kids, no matter what rolls into the street, let it go, because I can replace that, but I can NEVER replace them!

Earlier I had alluded to the fact that a MOM created these, here is her Story:

Safees was founded by Johanna Denize who is originally from Sweden and who grew up always wearing a reflector. When Johanna had her first child in 2010 she immediately noticed that strollers are at great risk for being hit since cars simply do not seem to see them. Johanna desperately tried to find quality reflectors (i.e. hard prism reflectors) to attach to her son’s stroller and herself. Not finding any reflectors that live up to the high quality found in Scandinavian hard prism reflectors, Safees was born. Johanna is on a mission to increase traffic Safety for children in the US and reduce traffic accidents and fatalities. ‘Something as simple as wearing a reflector will in fact reduce your risk of being hit by a car and potentially being injured for life or even killed. So why not take this easy, inexpensive precaution?” says Johanna.“ Our whole family wears them, we have Safees on our clothes, our bikes, our strollers and even on our pets.”

As I said, ONE mom and a great idea provides our world with a great way to increase the safety of our families.  Take a look at the product.  I personally insptected them up close and personal and attached them to my kids clothing when they are out at dusk forward.  The clips make them easy to put on clothing and they hold FIRM!

If you want to see more about these items, CLICK HERE and you can see videos, pictures etc.



1) Safees are themselves 100% recyclable ( you know how I love environmentally friendly companies!)

2) Attaching one of these reflectors to your child will greatly reduce the chances of a child getting hurt as they become  more VISIBLE.

3) Safees can be attached to anyone, not just children.

4) Safees are not expensive.















Disclosure Policy I have reviewed and tested this item in order to provide you with my true and honest opinion.  I did get the information about JOHANNA from a blurb she sent me.  I did not write that blurb and you can find more information about this company on their website.

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