The end of the summer brings in a whole new season of fun.  Last year for the FIRST time I attended the Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival and I really did not know what to expect.  I had heard how FUN it was but really what is fun?  I can clearly tell you it was a very well spent FAMILY DAY and one that I will remember always.

The Festival is large and spread out so bring some walking shoes.  We parked far up on the hill so I thought, ‘oh no, we will never get to see anything there are too many people’, not the case.  The grass field of parking was LOADED with people but when we got through the gates you would never have known there were that many people there.  There are so many areas and so many shows going on and vendors that you just get LOST for the day.

By far, the JOUSTING was the BOY favorite with my crew.  The showmanship was really quite spectacular, but I also loved whipping tomatoes at a guy in a whole.  It was hysterical and I could not believe we could try to hit someone with a tomato!  The WENCHES were a riot and the CARILLON which is an instrument that is made entirely of 4 Tons of Bells, will mystify you with its beautiful sounds, unlike anything we have ever heard.  I just wanted to stay there all day, under the trees, in a little village, listening.  (this is also a ‘pit’ stop and a good thing to know when toting kids around everywhere)

Throughout the area where the CARILLON was playing we shopped.  There were quartz necklaces, and gemstones, and all kinds of arts and craft available for purchase, but everywhere we went we saw people eating HUGE TURKEY DRUMSTICKS–  EVERYWHERE.  Which brings me to the food side of this Festival.  I enjoyed soup in a bread bowl and the kids at the bread sticks, and of course my husband had to have a TURKEY DRUMSTICK! YUM.


You will be walking a lot

The show goes on rain or shine

There are different THEMED weekends – The Website has all the details.

If you don’t win this week, come back Wednesday again, we will be offering another FAMILY FOUR PACK of tickets!



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This is for ONE set of a FAMILY FOUR PACK of Tickets. Tickets will be at WILL CALL and will not be mailed. If you have won you will be emailed and you will have 24 hours to respond, if you fail to respond a new winner will be picked. All emails are TIME STAMPED. Tickets are not redeemable for cash, not refundable and not able to be applied to ANY OTHER WEEKEND than the weekend they are being offered. You must have a driver’s license with you at the WILL CALL in order to receive tickets. In order to win you must comply with all entries above and no FALSE ENTRIES will be tolerated. PFM is not responsible for any venue changes, time changes, or items that may or may not happen at the event. FB is not sponsoring this contest. PFM is not responsible for delivery of tickets.


  1. Kim Cowgar says

    My son and I have been to the Renaissance Festival a few times over the years and we would definitely relax and listen to the Carillion and also enjoy Wilsome Fire in the Great Balls of Fire show – very funny and entertaining

  2. Denise Brink says

    When I lived in Colorado I went every year to the Renaissance Festival. Now I enjoy taking my 2 boys! We will enjoy watching my favorite the Jousting!

  3. kim cail says

    We loved the ren fest last year so much that were looking forward to taking our inlaws who recently moved here to it.

  4. Nikki Jonczak says

    I love a lot about the Renaissance Festival. But my favorite is the jousting by far. It is also my kids’ favorite show. We can’t wait to continue the family tradition and go again this year.

  5. Dawn Loughner says

    we want to watch the jousting & hope the guy with the bells is there. My daughter was so sad that he got 3 Xs on AGT…we always love him at the fair!

  6. lori says

    I would like to take the family to see the renaissance festival. this is the first summer my daughter who has hypotonia is walking. we would love to see the jousting, and check out the vendors.

  7. Laura says

    Love the Ren fest! Worked at one when I was 16, worked the booth selling the giant turkey legs, not very glamorous, but a fun job nonetheless! I took my 5 year old and 2 year old last fall and we definitely are going again this year! The food is the best part as far as I’m concerned, but my 5 year old likes the jousting and the parade.

  8. Janell says

    I’ve wanted to take my boys there for a while – but never heard anything first hand. You’ve convinced me to try it out this year! Thanks.

  9. shelley clark says

    I want to do and see everything!! Ive always wanted to go to a Ren Fair but never have. This would be a wonderful event for the family to attend!!! I LOVE Jousting!!!!

  10. Cindy says

    I’m only about 20 miles away, but have never had a chance to go. Freebies are good, otherwise I can’t afford to go. Winning would be wonderful!!!!

  11. Shannon Rhoades says

    The Children’s Weekend would be great for us…my younger boys would love it, as would my older ones I’m sure!

  12. kel says

    Agree with the post but you failed to mention that the games and rides are pricey. This year the rides and maze were $2 and the games were either $5 or $2. Adds up when you have two little kids that want to do it all! Regardless, we will be back next year. My kids, 4 and 6 loved it, as did I.

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