I remember going to Hallmark with my mom when I was younger buying all the cards she needed to send out. This was a once a month event and the store always had a scent of paper in it(gee wonder why).  One of the things I remember most about  HALLMARK stores is the paper bag your card is placed in and the gold seal that comes with it.  Hallmark is synonymous with quality and that is what I have found with Coppin’s Gifts.


Coppin’s Gifts is the largest volume independent gift retailers in Utah and across the west (and online across the entire continental US).  The customer service is GOLD STAR.

I love nice packages and I love great quality products and Coppin’s Gifts has them both.  Imagine shopping at a Hallmark store from the convenience of your home. I did.

Coppin’s Gifts has all the trendy items that are available like Stompeez, and WubbaNub, Da Vinci Beads and here are a few more:

Willow Tree Figurines
Jim Show Figurines
My Pillow Pets
Happy Nappers
Wubba Nub
It is so convenient and shipping is quick and efficient.

I was provided a wonderful opportunity to review a Da Vinci  Bracelet with a few charms.  My package arrived and I have not stopped enjoying it.   I chose a Bangle, but received a Toggle bracelet, with the following charms: a flip flop, a margarita, and my birthstone girl of amethyst.

The bracelet is really sporty and feminine. The charms are adorable. My charms allow me to express my personality without saying anything.  The bracelet is a high quality bracelet that is comfortable to wear and easy to close when putting on. There are other styles available but the one I received is pictured here. I ordered a bangle, but received a toggle.


If you make a purchase over $30 on their site, shipping is free ~ something to keep in mind with the Holidays Upon us.  The site is easy to navigate  and prices are clearly listed.  If you are not sure what you might want to purchase you can check their Today’s Feature scroll along the bottom and that will give you hand.

A few things you might want to know: Packaging and delivery from Coppin’s Gifts are wonderful. Shipping is Fast. The site is secure and your satisfaction is guaranteed.














Disclosure policy   I ordered one bracelet, but actually received another, and while I did try to have this cleared up, there was no other bracelet exchanged. I am stating this so you are aware that not everything went PERFECT on this particular receipt of an item.   I did inquire a second time and I still did not receive a corrected bracelet.  I am lenient and do wait to post reviews in situations like this, however, the quality of items are great, the order was just not correct.   I am telling you that the website itself is great, the selection is great, but I did not receive what I had selected.


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