Fire-breathing dragons that SOAR through the air are the main event in ‘DREAMWORKS’ HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON LIVE SPECTACULAR. 

The tour will include 23 dragons, with that will have wingspans of up to 46 feet, Viking Warriors, world-class circus artists and acrobats, all A-List Entertainment for your family, all LIVE at the Consol Energy Center August 23- August 26, 2012.


We were lucky enough to get to meet SIG the Viking Warrior and a Dragon.  IT was unbelievable how realistic the dragon was.  The fire that came out of his mouth heated you up and the animated movement of the Dragon makes it feel so REAL.  It was so realistic it made it hard to believe that it was not real.  The How To Train Your Dragon movie grossed approximately $500 million at the worldwide box office and it opened as the #1 film in over 30 countries, therefore the theatrics that we were privied to should have been of no surprise to us but the realness of the dragon and the Viking will give your imagination a chance to Soar with the dragons!

The show will provide realistic, dynamic creatures with world class performers who will have you thrilled, intrigued and emotionally invested as you identify with the characters and the plot.  The story is one of incredible magnitudes and the whole show will be an unforgettable magical experience.  I can tell you from the meet and greet the show is going to be INCREDIBLE.  My children were mesmerized just by meeting the Dragon.


Consol Energy Center

THURSDAY, 8.23 @ 7P

FRIDAY 8.24 @11A & 7P

SATURDAY 8.25@ 11A, 3P & 7P

SUNDAY 8.26 @ 1P

TICKET PRICES start at $19.50 or $29.50 depending on the performance you choose to attend.  Tickets can be purchased through Dick’s Sporting Goods Box Office at Consol Energy Center or through Ticketmaster.



The show’s enormous size and specialized technology requires and additional day of loading-in and building, with setting the stage for 23 fire-breathing dragons.  What makes these dragons special is they are not just on stage, they SWOOP OVER the audience. It is not just a STAGE performance their Stage becomes the Air above your heads.  The whole CONSOL ENERGY CENTER will be transformed into a time long ago when Viking Warriors roamed with the Dragons.  There will be Oceans, valleys and mountain tops that will span the center with over 20,000 square feet of a set design that it UNBELIEVABLE.

HOW DO they get there? The magic that makes the magic.  It takes over 30 Tractor-trailers and 150 plus crew members to moved 10,000 cases of gear.  A magnetic floor and hundreds of thousands of feet of cable have to be laid.  The result?  High-flying, fire breathing dragons overtake the Consol Energy Center, 23 of them, and some have a wingspan of up to 46 feet.  Mix that up with the Viking Warriors, and world-class acrobats and you have a FIRST RATE SHOW!

We can not wait for the show.




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