Giant eagle this week

When it comes to savings check out Giant Eagle and all of their specials this week.  Remember to earn 20 cents off per gallon of fuel all you have to do is spend 50 dollars in gift card purchases.

Work those ADVANTAGE  cards moms and dads.

This week specials include:
– By any 4 general mills products that are participating and earn bonus 20 cents off per gallon of fuel
-Powerade 4 free instantly they are 14 for 10 dollars
-Bird’s Eye Bag or box vegetables.. 10 for 10 dollars
– General mills cereal buy 2 get 1 free
– Gerber organic second stage 2 baby food. 5 for 6 dollars
– Gerber second stage baby food 10  for $10
– Turkey hill ice cream 3 for 10 dollars
– Weight watchers Smart Ones 10 of them for 16 dollars
– Fresh whole seedless watermelons 3 dollars and 99 cents

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