“Lugz: Built for the Streets….Your Street our Shoes”~Lugz

Urban footwear, do you really know what it is? I am sure you do know what it is but you may not realize what company produces it and how often you see it! I have seen Urban Footwear grow in popularity over the last few years and I really never knew how to describe the items I was seeing.  The best way to describe URBAN FOOTWEAR is to explain that it is footwear for guys that can transition from day to evening.  It is footwear that looks right if they are wearing jeans or if they are wearing khakis, it just works and it looks sleek which allows for a style that looks effortless but pulled together!

I think the biggest challenge for some men is finding a pair of shoes they can wear dressed up or dressed down.  I know my husband is real different about dressing, he simply wants a few things that will work when he needs them.  He does not want to have to worry about looking to see if it has the right style when he tosses on his casual slacks or when he throws his Fav jeans on, he just wants to grab the shoes after putting himself together and get moving to our destination.  The LUGZ footwear we tried out actually transitions from day to evening really nicely, without the hassle of changing shoes to make an outfit shift. Instead, he can throw a jacket on with his jeans and change the whole intensity of the outfit, without giving up the comfort of his shoes.

As women that often help our men dress we want to give them the look that we see, but are often perplexed at how to achieve ‘THAT’ look.  I know I am guilty of trying to figure out how to help him with his outfits.  Some days we run a lot to different events, we go from day events to night events and it is just easier to have one pair of shoes with a pair of pants that always look right.  We have been using the ALLERTON’s by LUGZ, very cool looking, very fun and they don’t SCREAM day or night, they just are there.


The Allerton is a hi-top that goes from day to night.  Allerton’s are made of Cotton chambray uppers, cotton drill lining, cushioned insoles(comfortable) and durable rubber soles(you will get a little mileage out of these treads).   What I love about this shoe is the way that the pants look while it is on.  The shoes make the outfit it is not the outfit making the shoes.  There are 7 colors and 7 looks with this particular line and they all rock the men’s fashion world! The ones that I have photos of are the ones that we ‘test drove’.

With a full day of events planned a few weeks back my husband grabbed a tee shirt, and jeans, threw on his LUGZ and we were out the door.  We went to a festival, as the day moved along we needed to be at a dinner, so it was easy, he put on a jacket and the outfit was done.  It was not changing anything, it was just adding a piece.  His outfit had that trendy, casual feel to it and he was dressed perfect for our commitment. The shoes made the event of dressing, E-A-S-Y!

I stopped my husband just long enough to grab these pictures.  I want you to see  how the jeans look with these shoes!

I also want you to see how these shoes look up close: I love their color, charcoal gray, because they are pretty neutral they match with a lot of things he wears!

Up Close and Personal with the ALLERTON by LUGZ


“The shoes wear well, feel well and work well with my clothing” Short, sweet and to the point.







Check Lugz out on FB  or catch up with them on Twitter.  They always have new and exciting things going on.  Be sure to enter here as I will be giving a pair away for the MAN in your life! I want them to see how these great shoes look and feel!

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