Dr. Bronner’s Magic All-One!

Striving to find great companies that produce great Organic and fair trade products is something I do for my children who have so many ALLERGIES. 

I find the more natural the content of ingredients the better the items are for use with my children.  I had heard a lot about Dr. Bronner’s Magic All-One and I needed to investigate it more.   I received the Organic Hand & Body Shikaikai Soap(baby unscented) and the Baby-Mild Organic Baby Balm and the Lavender Hand-Sanitizing Spray.

The Bronner Family Story can be traced back over 150 years(as the soaps were first produced in Germany) and then transitioned into the United States  as their family began producing soap in 1929 in America.  Dr. Bonner’s Magic Soaps have been created in their current form since 1948! That’s amazing.  The products are known for their quality(which I can attest to), their versatility and their eco-friendliness. Dr. Bronner’s products use no synthetic foaming agents or preservatives.  The organic item known as Shikakai comes from the seed pods of a South Asian Tree and is found in India to be a gently cleaning cleanser for skin and hair.  The personal care products are all produced and certified under the same USDA organic standards that certify organic food!  Additionally, the products are certified Fair Trade by the Swiss certifier IMO.  The certification includes : organic coconut, olive and palm oils.  No products are tested on ANIMALS.  I also found it notable that profits are devoted to worthwhile causes and charities worldwide. A truth that has held through the company.

“Constructive Capitalism is where you share the profit with the workers and the Earth from which you made it!”~Dr. Emanual Bronner (1908-1997)

I plopped the Lavender Hand-Sanitizing Spray in my purse and I am so glad I did because this week we happened to end up in the hospital with one of my kids so hand sanitizer was a GREAT item to have with me!  The spray does not drench it is a mist and it quickly dissipates.  My hands smelled nice and the spray makes a little go a long way and my hands did not smell of alcohol and did not dry out from using it which is also important for my son with ECZEMA.  Hand sanitizers have been a challenge.


I have been using the Dr. Bronner’s Shikakai Soap, Baby Unscented on my son that has eczema.  The soap is not drying to his skin at all.  There is no residue, there is no waxy film on the skin once this is applied and his skin does not feel TIGHT after being cleaned which sometimes it does with plain soap.  This line of soap is produced with the organic item known as Shikakai  which comes from the seed pods of a South Asian Tree and is found in India to be a gently cleaning cleanser for skin and hair. After using this for a few weeks(I wanted to be sure before I wrote about it) we were very pleased with the results.  While I am not advocating this as a cure to eczema I am saying that it did not irritate my son’s skin or dry it out.  It allowed us to clean him and feel good about using a ‘soap’ that was ALL Natural while not harming our earth!  A few basic things you may want to know about this product:  The pump works well, no clogging, no sticking, no extra pumping to get the product out, and if you use this as shampoo you will need to follow it up with a conditioning cream rinse which which Dr. Bronner’s Line also has.– if you do not, as we found out with our son’s curly locks, it may look a bit tousled.  What we did like about this as a shampoo it was not drying or irritating to the scalp.. a BIG PLUS in the world of someone who has eczema. There was no smell because it is unscented.


Chapped lips, chapped cheeks, diaper rash? This little TIN rated my FAVORITE for my son! First I love the look of the container and its portability.  It is sleek, thin and fits well in my bag that I carry for my son!  This Organic Baby Balm soothes dry skin, anywhere!  We used it on my son’s dry patches on his cheeks(eczema) as well as his lips and we were very pleased with the results.  It moistened the areas and kept him comfortable so he did not itch or claim burning lips!

The products are all outstanding and the company is  eco-friendly, earth friendly, and just as they say it “Dr. Bonner’s Magic ALL ONE!” Dr. Bronner’s offers a complete line of soaps, lip balms, body balms, sanitizers, shaving gels, baby skin care, books, virgin coconut oil and more.  You can purchase it online at Amazon, at Dr. Bronner’s website or locally at many WHOLE FOOD MARKETS.













I received the above cited items in return for an open and honest blog.  As usual, I only blog about items I think are of interest and need to my fans.  Additionally, I am not a Dr. and I am making no claims about these products other than THEY worked for us in the fashion stated.  The products are not listed as such, but we applied them and they worked for us.  You may not have the same findings I can only tell you what is true to our family.  If you have need, contact Dr. Bronner’s company customer service for questions you might have as I only have provided a review of items we tested in OUR home and recorded our own personal results.  DISCLOSURE POLICY

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