My husband and I celebrated our 20th Anniversary at Lidia’s Pittsburgh.  From beginning to end the night was spectacular and special.

Lidia’s Pittsburgh hosted us in celebrating our 20th Anniversary.  First we want to say THANK YOU and second, I want to share my experience.   

We love to dine out but finding the right place is the hardest thing to do. Sometimes what is great when you have the kids with you is not really as enjoyable when you are without the kids. Our favorite restaurant forever was Piccolo Piccolo and we were saddened when it closed years ago as we would frequent it and could recite the menu. We have tried so many places and really never locked into any new favorites. You know how it is– when you love something and it goes you try to find a similar place at least with the authentic food taste that you recall and when you can’t match it you just stop looking. Now while I realize that Lidia’s Italy Pittsburgh has been here in Pittsburgh for a while it had not been on OUR Radar:) NOW IT IS.

We have found a new favorite place, from atmosphere to food. We enjoyed the fact that so many FAMILIES were dining together, not just parents with their children but also grandparents and larger parties. The environment is welcoming. I want to start out by saying that our waitress ASHLEY T was so ‘ON’ that our night was made even better by the great service we received. We sat in a booth/table in a very private corner which we LOVED. Ashley went through the menu with us. I really did not even need to hear much more when I heard the word Pasta Trio.

Our Primi Course was a salad, a Caesar Salad with fresh bread ranging from sticks to a focaccia bread with Pesto and Black Olive Purees. Absolutely unique and delicious, I think I could have eaten the Pesto and Black Olive Purees alone all evening. The salad of preference at our table was Caesar.

The possibilities for main course were endless as I reviewed the menu, there were Arancini Lobster Risotto Balls, or the Insalata Caprese, and Risotto with Local tomatoes it was all a hard decision, but again my heart was set on the Pasta Trio.

The Pasta Trio is a very POPULAR dish at Lidia’s. This is one plate, that is set up in front of you that is serviced by 3 servers, each presenting you with freshly tossed pastas in 3 varieties. It is unique not only for the great tastes each pasta offers but it unique for its presentation. 3 separate servers bring you a pan at a time and place it on your dish. If you want more of any, it is unlimited refill, I have to admit I had to have a bit more  the sauce was to DIE for.

It was not just the presentation but the food itself, the raviolis filled with fresh mushroom and the basil pesto sauce with walnut simply made the fettucine— a diners’ delight. My husband had a Braised Pork Shank with Barley Risotto  pictured above as it was a MOST GENEROUS portion and fork tender an absolutely delicious meal.

After a meal I thought could not get any better, there was more…. Dessert.  The choices were extensive: ranging from a dark chocolate and nutella custard,to a Tiramisu.  My choice was one I could not make, I had to declare DEFEAT in choosing to Ashley.  She laughed:)  I was torn between Torta di Amaretto(Amaretto soaked cake and Amaretto Ice Cream, with toasted almond ice cream and candied almonds) and Biscotti Misti(mixed house made cookies served with a shot of espresso).  My husband had Crostata al Limone e Mirtilla(lemon cookie crust, basil mousse, lemon curd blueberry gelee, and lemon poppy seed ice cream)

The surprise was BISCOTTI MISTI with a decorated plate : It said .. well take a look at what Lidia’s did for us!

We loved our whole dinner, and we loved our waitress and we loved the restaurant. I could find a different word than LOVED but really it all was LOVED.  Lidia’s  is such a part of Pittsburgh, right in the heart of the Strip District. Lidia’s is for families, couples, gatherings but most of all for those of you who LOVE your food and consider it of high importance to have a carefully crafted meal that tastes authentic and a staff that wants to please!

It is hard to find a great place, but when I find one that is exceptional, I let you know! I hope you check out Lidia’s Italy Pittsburgh.


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