I have a household with children that seem to run the gammet on every possible type of allergy from food to environmental and the food side of it makes food preparation very difficult.  I have been looking for Gluten Free, Nut Free, Dairy Free, Soy Free, etc. type foods to try and meet everyone’s different needs and along the way I have found some really great foods for the kids!  The food that we sampled this week was by DAIYA FOODS.  The Daiya products are free of  Dairy Free(casein, lactose and whey), eggs, rice, peanuts and tree nuts(except coconut oil), soy, and gluten.  The production facility eliminates the chance of cross-contamination with other pesky allergens, making our products 100% vegan which works well for MY diet.  It is a win all the way around in our home.


My kids wanted a cheese that bubbles, melts, and tastes good, and so many ‘non-dairy’ cheeses have just absolutely disappointed them as well as turned them away from wanting to eat ‘non-dairy’ cheese even though their diets demanded this.  A cheese that is not dairy that bubbles almost seemed unheard of and one that actually tastes good as too seemed an impossible thought in their little heads.  We tried DAIYA Style  Shreds and it was a SMASHING success with thumbs up around the house.

Our first go at the cheese was right out of the bag.  I actually cut the bag open and we all grabbed a few shreds and sampled.  We were amazed because it was firm, not squishy in texture and the pieces were not squashed together in the bag and the consistency when eaten did not taste mooshy.  The Daiya Style Shreds were every bit the ‘cheese’ that a non-dairy cheese could be and then some.

Our next test was on Beanfield Chips.  We wanted a plate of nachos and a plate is what we got! We took our Beanfield Rice Chips and added the DAIYA Style Shreds to it and melted it and within 30 seconds Heaven was on the counter and then in our bellies.  The Cheddar Style Shreds make the chips even better.  We felt like we were in a ball park enjoying our Nachos.

We used the mozzarella style shreds for a great homemade pizza on our Sandwich Petals. Simply done we added one Sandwich Petal with the Daiya Shred and then topped it with fresh tomatoes and fresh basil(which I grow).  Again, a dairy free win as the cheese melted and stretched.

We also tried the Daiya Cheese Cheddar Style Wedge.  These wedges are so perfect as you do not have to melt, or cook this to enjoy it, you siimply open it and if you want to make a grilled cheese, chunk it and go.  We did choose to melt this on Grilled Cheese.  We lightly toasted our bread and then we put it in our Orgreenic Skillet and cooked the sandwich on each side.  Just for fun we added fresh basil and tomato.  It was absolutely divine! I can assure you that this is the first of many ‘wedges’ from Daiya we will be consuming.

If you would like even more recipes check HERE right on the Daiya website.


I am sure you want to know where to purchase this item? I found my DAIYA products in my Giant Eagle.  Here are other places you can purchase these great products.  Something a bit unusual about the Daiya brand is that the packaging is light and whimsical.  It is actually a ‘pretty’ looking package, bright and colorful.

If you are looking for a ‘cheese’ alternative that is Vegan check no further than DAIYA!

















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