“If you would be wealthy, think of saving as well as getting” ~ Ben Franklin

IN an effort to find ways for your to maximize your savings when Shopping ONLINE  I would like to offer you another company for your consideration:  COUPON CHIEF.   There are a lot of coupon sites out there that promise to save you money, but this site is not just about the coupons saving you money, it allows you to make money.  I thought that would capture your interest, because it caught mine.

Are you a coupon fanatic? Do you get coupon codes from companies in your INBOX all day long but really have no need for them?  What if you could earn money for submitting those codes and as people used those codes you could track your progress and see the money you are making all because you had coupon codes?  This is in fact a great deal for all of you who receive so many coupon codes to your inbox.  This program is called Pays-2-Share.


Coupon Chief is on of the fastest growing coupon sites with 100k+ coupons.  With users submitting coupons and getting paid if people use them the site is receiving almost every coupon out there! This is amazing.

Perhaps you are more of just an online shopper who likes coupons?  Simply go to the search bar and type the name of the store and hit enter, odds are you will find an online coupon code to use while shopping.  I wanted to see if this worked as easy as I described so I put Aeropostale in the search bar and up came a coupon. Coupon Chief is known for having the largest amount of online coupons and store discounts for apparel, electronics, travel, and more. When searching the site, I really did find a plethora of savings and a bunch of different stores, some I did not even know existed!

If you are into saving money while you shop online, and really who isn’t, check out COUPON CHIEF! Right in time for the Holidays.











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