Ye May Delay, but Time Will Not ~Ben Franklin

Sometimes we forget that life is short  but you can not forget that life is short.  Have you ever taken a moment to learn about Term Life Insurance?  I know that I have not because I always assume that my family is fine and so am I and I don’t like thinking about  Death.  I did a little digging and found out a bit of information that I thought you might find useful and I wanted to pass it along.


Term Life Insurance is smart to have when you have a family.  Term Life insurance provides a guaranteed death benefit for a specific number of years.  There are renewable terms(those that renew yearly), Level Terms(fixed premium and death benefit for the length of the policy of between 1-30 years) , A decreasing term(decreasing death benefit and often see when one has a mortgage), and finally, Return of Premium (in which the policy holder does not die, and receives money back- a refund).    You choose what you fee you need.

How does my health play into this?  Your Health Conditions make the criteria for the designated amounts you will pay for your Term Life Insurance.

What cost is associated with Term Life Insurance?  You can usually get $1,00,000 for about $50 a month if you are in good health, again the policies are based around your health conditions.

WHY WOULD I BUY TERM LIFE INSURANCE?  Purchasing this insurance is not for you, but for the benefit of your family.  If you have young ones and so many of us do, you want to make sure that if you pass on, they are covered and able to go to school, and have a good life.  Pre-planning is a great way to keep ahead of the unknown.  In addition, being prepared helps your loved ones carry on.

Now while I am writing about this and it is not a happy subject you really should read and see what I learned as well.  You can check out, the same site I did to get a lot more information.















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