Waterproof writing tablet with suction cups and  an aqua pencil with 40 pieces of paper.  Have you ever been showering and needed to remember something but instead you write it on the steam on the glass door and then it runs, disappears, so does your idea, or list? Don’t let your thoughts get steamed away, go full steam ahead, write it down and remember it!

The Aqua Notes are great if you have inspirations or thoughts that you need to remember while you are showering.  You can prepare to do lists, organizational lists and more and then simply remove the sheet of paper because it has perforated sheets.

The pencils are water resistant, and are made of Cedar Incense Wood. Both the pencil and the pen are attached to the shower with suction cups and yes they do work because I have been using mine for a few weeks without a problem.   My biggest problem is that my kids used up all the paper with their thoughts! The note pads are made out of recyclable paper and are non-toxic.

If you are looking for a great way to remember your grocery list, create notes about To-Do’s or just have some paper and pencil ready for your next inspiration, Aqua Notes are for you.









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