Aldi shopping is like no other shopping because every trip gives you a New Low Price.  Wait, you don’t know about these? Yellow signs around the store that say ‘MANAGER’S SPECIALS’.  When you go into ALDI there is always a great value waiting to FIND you.  If you are a love saving money ALDI is your store!

Saving money is something that ALID takes seriously.  I love their produce section, I appreciate their ingredients and the fact that so many of their foods are PEANUT/NUT free.  While you will have to check your own labels I have successfully found food for my children who have several allergy complications.  I love that I can find snack foods that don’t have peanut/nuts in them and that are reasonably priced.  Even if you are not allergy concerned – you will LOVE their selection of products and the PRICES.

Take a look at what I found yesterday at MY ALDI.



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