So often you see the words FREE PALLETS and I personally wonder beside kindling wood, what would one do with a FREE PALLET?

I set out on a search to answer the question of, “what does one doe with a pallet?” and I found a pretty cool answer:


If you love Herb gardens but are really pressed for space this option will allow you an herb garden that hangs and is SUPER FRUGAL to make.



Source: lifeonthebalcony.com via Dana on Pinterest

I was personally a little curious so of course I touched the picture and went all the way through to the originating website for the answers.

You will need a pallet, herbs, and potting soil, just so you have a general overview. This looks great and it is wonderful for small areas that you can not otherwise plant in but would love some LUSH color and useful color.



 photo pfmsignatureblog.png

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