Laugh as you may, I am obsessed with Tupperware! My husband even jokes and tells me that when I die, he is going to bury me in Tupperware(LOL) – I wouldn’t mind as long as it’s Pink!

Seriously and with all kidding aside, let me tell you why I love Tupperware. Yes there is a certain ‘cost’ with Tupperware, but its long-life span and guarantee outweighs any pricing issues. I would rather own ONE piece of Tupperware than 10 pieces of any other plastic containers because:

-Tupperware is guaranteed for LIFE!(most of it anyway )

– Tupperware comes in fun colors

-Tupperware technology is always being upgraded with new pieces

-Tupperware the wear and tear factor = excellent!

– Tupperware is dishwasher safe(at least top rack)

– The Tupperware Vegetable Saver (Fridgesmart in yours) alone saves me $100’s of dollars.

– The Tupperware Vegetable Steamer is my right hand man in the kitchen:)

-The Tupperware sports bottle makes hockey, dog walking, and sports easier(snack canister, key canister)

-The Tupperware rep is a ‘johnny on the spot’ – NEVER leaves me hanging!

Here is my personal affirmation to Tupperware and its wear resistance factor: My sister-in-law gave me a sandwich holder from Tupperware over 12 years ago, it still snaps as tight as it did the day I got it, and I use it DAILY! It is clear with an aqua lid if that gives you an idea of how old it is! I love this container and own others just like it!

The main objection I hear from people is the pricing. Here is all I can explain. Frugality would error in favor of Tupperware because you will not have cracked containers(– because MY Tupperware REP KELLY will replace it for you if it cracks) therefore you will not be reinvesting in what you have already purchased.

Table to Freezer to Microwave without cracking is huge too! In addition, if you microwave in them, there is no staining, unlike so many of the other products out there. When I get a stained container, I just feel ‘grossed’ eating out of it, and storing in it, therefore it becomes a loss. I have taken other brands out of my freezer, and trying to do to many things at once a container drops(from another maker); while this happens, the drop has created a crack and that is the end of that brand of container. This has not happened with my Tupperware!

In the end, less new containers purchased, more reused = better frugality. If something you have lasts for YEARS without needing replaced then you have achieved Maximum Frugality!

I am not suggesting to throw out your current containers, I am however suggesting that as they ‘die’ replace them piece by piece with a Tupperware from Kelly! I know you will be THRILLED!

Check out my favorite Tupperware representative. Her name is Kelly, she is responsive, and she will get your order to you without question! That is why I work with her, for efficiency and her thorough product knowledge she has been doing this for 14+ YEARS!



****not all TUPPERWARE products are FULLY MICROWAVEABLE, however there is a specific set just for the microwave.. see site for details**********************







* Not all TUPPERWARE is Microwaveable, there is a set made exclusively for the MICROWAVE!


  1. says

    Kelly, I love your passsion!!! I love Tupperware too! It has been my identity for thirty years!!!
    It never lets you down, unless someone burns it, or takes it filled with stuff and never gives it back!
    I grieve when an oldie but a goodie is taken off the product line. When my ladies ask to have it replaced,
    many will keep their treasured iece, because they cannot give it up.not even for the new! Ha Ha, make me LOL that I am not alone! People in Beaver County are happy to find me, and to know that Tupperware is still around!

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