The parental task of putting little kids to bed is never an easy one, some are afraid to go to sleep, and some just don’t want to sleep therefore we each have a challenge.  How we survive bedtime is different in each household.  I have found a great soothing way to put my youngest to bed without much fuss. If you would like your child to sleep safely and soundly through the night you have to read on.  Cloud b has a TRANQUIL TURTLE that projects and underwater light effect in the room, while playing tranquil sounds.  The sounds lull the child to sleep while the underwater light effect is soothing to look at. My little one keeps it on the pillow next to him.  You can place it wherever you might be comfortable.

I sat with my son the other night while I put him to sleep and I was actually challenged myself not to fall asleep.  I watched the underwater light effect and I was mesmerized as was he.  The Tranquil Turtle is soothing and it comforts children through the simple sounds and the light reflection which allows children to Calm and sleep.  Cloud b is the company that produces the Tranquil Turtle and they have been a trusted name with parents worldwide producing award-winning products developed with an Advisory Board of sleep experts ranging from pediatricians to parents.

The Tranquil Turtle is adorable to look at and combines both sight and sound features in one soft, soothing animal. Once activated the ceiling in the room you put it in will look like an underwater habitat.  The shell of the turtle glows and plays soothing sounds that include the ocean waves sounds and undersea melodies, you can choose which to use.  It is very calming.  I can attest to this:) The Tranquil Turtle has a 23 minute sleep timer on it, which means after 23 minutes it shuts off.  The turtle does need 3 AAA batteries.

If bedtime is a dilema in your home you really have to try this out.  You can order it online at Cloud b. !












I rec’d no monetary compensation for this review, I did however receive the product to try and in return offer my true and honest opinion.

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