I write to you day in and day out about the best values I can find on products, groceries, stores and more.  My goal as Pittsburgh Frugal Mom is consumer education.  I consistently strive to find you products that once purchased can be considered a frugal deal. A product that can service you on multiple levels is considered frugal even if the price may not initially be, as the frugality comes in products that offer multiple possibilities for usage with ONE Purchase.  I have found a product that meets the needs of my child on every level simply by purchasing ONE! I want to share this product with you.

The Zoobies that we have received is Ari™ the Seal.  This pet is from the Zoobies Blanket Pets Collection™.  Zoobies meet all my criteria, one purchase meets 3 needs.  Ari™ the Seal has a blanket in his belly, is a loveable plush stuffed animal, and is a pillow, so the Zoobies is a 3-in-1.  The Zoobies that we have is a Blanket Pet.  This line is great for children of ALL ages.  and my child fits into the blanket which is really comfy.

My son simply turns Ari™ the Seal over to his belly and unlatches the velcro straps on the bottom and unzips it and a blanket is ready to go.  If he spills something on it or sneezes and coughs into or whatever else little boys do, I can clean it easily as the blanket detaches and I  can wash it without a problem.  (other than him wanting his Zoobies back:)

The most important things to me is the ability to multi-use this product.  My son carries it with him to use as a pillow in the car, or at the waiting room in the Dr.’s office (where we spend so much time), and we use the blanket while waiting to see the Dr. as it gets cold for little ones in the rooms while waiting to see your Dr.  It is a plush loving animal so if we have to have testing done or shots it eases things just a bit having his ‘friend’ with him.  When we get home, after spending time at the Dr.’s office, or hospital, or store I detach the blanket and WASH It free of the days’ germs.  Once washed, the fleece-like material dries quickly and I can return it to him before he is ready for bed! An all around great value as a toy that is multi-functional! Absolutely Pittsburgh Frugal!

As I said there are Zoobies for kids at all ages. Here are a few other LINES of  Zoobies.

Blankie Babies™  are for children from 0-2 years.  These are a more miniature size of the Zoobies Blanket Pets.  The blanket is detachable and washable and the animal makes a great pillow.  There is even a teething ring which you can use to attach to your diaper bag.

Slumber Pets™  are bigger pets, and great for sleepovers.  They are over-sized and have a large fleece sleeping bag inside. It’s all in one and easy to tote.  Kids of all ages will enjoy the Slumber Pets.

Storytime Pals™- are huggable soft, plush animals, that are the characters from some very popular ‘favorite’ stories.  Each story pal will snuggle up with your child while you read and they come with matching blankets.

Book Buddies – are plush animals with the book built right into the animal. These books are not just ANY book but very specific ‘popular’ childrens’ books.  Take a look at his line. Very unique and very cuddly.

Duffle Dogs – this line of Zoobies are duffle bags with a soft ‘dog’ built in and a blanket.  This is a duffle with room to carry things along with the blanket.


Don’t worry about storage of a favorite blanket, a favorite animal and a favorite pillow anymore as Zoobies has you covered.  The Zoobies lines are all-in-one Pillows, Blankets and favorite stuffed pets! Buy one product and you will have multiple uses.  Coming soon, a chance for you to win your child their very own Zoobies.

In the meantime, if you want to purchase a Zoobies for your child use the code “Parenthood” to receive 20% off your purchase.


Here are a few more pictures I took, up close for you to see! My son loves his.






I received a ZOOBIES Blanket Pet Pal, but I did not receive any monetary compensation.  In exchange for receipt of the ZOOBIES I am offering my most honest opinion.


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