I spend a lot of time shopping for ingredients and for food as a mom to 3 and a wife, it is essential to get great products at great prices. I love ALDI and I can not tell you all about it enough, and you all write in to me about your approval of ALDI as well. I hope that each of you reading this has an ALDI, because it is a great store for a number of reasons.

When I like a store, I really make sure I learn about the store, what makes it a Great place to shop, how the sales work and how many other people think the same thing, it just must be the consumer educator in me. I need to know everything!
There are 1200 Aldi stores in 32 states from Kansas to the East Coast

ALDI carries 1400 of the most frequently purchased grocery and household items, under an ALDI exclusive name brand.

THE GUARANTEE – you will get 100% satisfaction with your product or ALDI replaces it the product and refunds the purchase price!

ALDI has over 20 million customers shop in their stores MONTHLY and each of these shopper is saving 50% on their grocery bills … Are you one of them?

SPECIALS.. like no where else. I have to interject a bit here– I have loved ALDI for years but I really love ALDI for how ALDI does holidays. The products they bring in are products you would expect to find in a TJMAXX or a Marshall’s gourmet section, wrapped all pretty, but with a way more ALDI-FIED price. The quality of  an ALDI gourmet products from chocolates to cookies surpasses that found in speciality retailers.

I told my sister-in-law about the ALDI CHOCOLATE, it is just really creamy and rich and indulgent, she agreed and this is a hard sell because she is ALL about chocolate. It’s really good. She now stops there regularly their chocolate bars!
ALDI does special buys each week, featuring about 20 to 30 items that range from seasonal foods to cookware. If you see something you like, GRAB it because it WON’T be there when you go back, I promise you that. Products move because the ALDI products are quality items at rockin’ prices.

BAG ME UP: All things before, during and after your trip to ALDI

2 rules about ALDI 1) don’t go in without a cart (you will always buy more than you thought!- that’s a good thing)

2) Always leave a bag in your car because you don’t want to buy one if you can bring one!



If I could recommend one great purchase it is the ALDI shopping Bag. I wish I had a cupboard full. These bags Rock. They are sturdy, durable and they make other bags(reusable) look pathetic because them are BIG! LOVE IT! Bringing these totes back and forth to the store keep our environment green! In all reality we use the bags to go to the pool, grocery store, Sam’s  Club etc.

Pack  your stuff the way you want, nothing smashed  and Bread on TOP!



I always have a quarter in my front console, I use it for my ALDI Trip.  If you are unfamiliar with the quarter, you simply take one, and put it into the shopping cart lock and it releases the cart.  When you are done, you return the cart to the cart lock up and you get a quarter back.  I usually meet up with someone in the parking lot who thinks my cart is a commodity and screams, “hey I will take that,” they hand me  their quarter and I’m off!

ALDI has a lot of valuable products and features to the store, I love to BLOG about it because of the great things we find there!  Keep sharing your e mails with me, I love to hear them!


See you at ALDI this week.







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