Have you heard about Tastefully Simple? Tastefully simple offers a line of products that need only a few ingredients to prepare and instantaneously you appear a ‘hero’ for your culinary ability. I want to preface this, I do not sell the product, I simply USE the products. I do have a wonderful friend who sells this product, let me tell you about her, and you’ll understand why I told you about this. Jennifer and I became friends the good old-fashioned way.. the Internet! LOL!

Jennifer sells Tastefully Simple and makes my life Tastefully EASY! I have come to love all the products I have sampled and my friends are loving everything I share with them that they taste! Sharing food is something we all do and making food easily, effortlessly, well that is what Tastefully Simple does.

If it is ease of preparation you are looking for, this will meet your needs. If you are looking for GREAT taste as well as little effort, again, shoot and score! Perhaps you like that you only need to purchase a few ingredients to make several items, or that one item made can be put on so many things, like the Cheddar Dip Mix: great on burgers, breads, or on crackers, heck, I ate it by the spoon(LOL)!!!- again, this will meet and exceed you expectations.

I am not a representative of the company, I am simply taken by the ease of the food and the Taste! Simple = time saving = frugality. Remember if you can save time or money in theory that = frugality because TIME IS MONEY!

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