If you have kids you know how hard it is to find games that are both fun and educational all in one. I received Sound It Found It! and we set it up and began to play, instantaneously.

1) One person is the Sounder.

2) Other players guess what the SOUNDERs’ sound is making and the others begin to look for what the SOUNDER is sounding out. The large cards all have pictures on them and the children playing look at these cards to find the hint(sound). Other hints can be given but may not tell WHICH card to look at.

The game makes a child think of all the possible locations you would hear the sound at and what cards apply. It is a memory process and a sound identifier. A siren might make a child look for a firetruck, policeman, a fire alarm, etc. Once a child processes the sound in his/her mind they can identify on a card.

In our case, our 14 year old daughter led the game(as sounder) and our 11 year old and 8 year old played enjoying themselves. The game is lively, and keeps pace. Battle ensued between the two younger ones as they were trying to claim the first sound identification and trying to win. Fun competition.

I liked the overall concept and I also liked that all I had to do was unsleeve the game and the kids could figure the directions out on their own, quickly and begin to play. No long exaggerated directions. My kids had the game up and running in under 5 minutes.


I.e- dribble dribble, what might that be? You find the picture card that matches the sound and you continue play in that manner. You can learn all about this game by checking out these the FB page, the Twitter Page or the Company Page for the Game Sound It! Found It!


Want to see the game, look here .




I look forward to other products made by this great company. If your kids like to play board games they will absolutely be intrigued with this one! The great thing about this game was that if you only have one person that is able to read, the children who can not can still play by simply identifying a sound! Fun, easy and good for children agest 7+ and up. I do believe that a 5 year old could play this game with ease. Enjoy!



Awards that have just been won:

Puzzle Match: Parent Tested Parent Approved Seal of Approval

Sound It! Found It!: Top 10 Editor Pick at Time To Play Mag

Puzzle Match: Mom’s Best Award

Puzzle Match: Parents’ Choice Recommended Seal

Colorgami: 2012 PAL Award

Sound It! Found It!: 2012 PAL Award




I received no monetary compensation for my opinion, which is what this article is, however, I did receive the board game to try out. As with any item I blog about, I choose those that most closely relate to items that might interest you. This game is a lot of fun.


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