SAY Moooooooo

With 3 kids I am endlessly running to the grocery store to ‘pick up’ milk, bread, and fruit.

I stopped at my local Giant Eagle today and grabbed a few 1/2 gallons of milk, but today I grabbed Lehigh Valley Over the Moon Chocolate Fat Free Milk and Lehigh Valley Over the Moon Fat Free Milk.

Lehigh Valley Milk has a 5-point purity checklist:
-the farmers pledge not to sue artificial growth hormones

-milk from cows that are fed nutritious diets

-rejection of any milk that contains commonly used antibiotics

-tested for quality at every key step

-cold shipped from dairy to store within hours.

The milk has 45% more Calcium, 37% more Protein and No High Fructose Corn Syrup(a must in my home)


The milk is creamy, and delicious.  My son thinks it is Christmas because the frothiness and thickness remind him of ‘eggnog’

I was provided a 1/2 gallon of each milk to try in exchange for my true and honest opinion which is set forth in this blog.

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