As a mom with children with food allergies, finding possible foods for consumption that don’t impair their allergies is VERY important to me.  Yes, I could prepare food myself and I do, but there are days(and everyone has them) that there is just no time to prepare anything and you can not allow an allergen-impaired diet to suffer due to a rushed day.  I am consistently looking for brands that meet my children’s allergy needs and I write about them so that possibly if your children have similar allergies you will be able to look at the items I have found as a new possibility.  Consumer Education is important, the more you know about products the easier the decision to purchase each item becomes. We have been able to find foods that do not limit the palate they are just made with MODIFIED ingredients that cater to our kids allergies.  It is a great thing to be able to find things your kids CAN eat versus so many things they can not.  This is true for the adults with allergies as well. No need to to run from so many foods when you can work around it and actually eat healthier!

Dr. Lucy’s Cookies are a great line of cookies that are GLUTEN FREE, NUT FREE, VEGAN, NON-GMO and all natural which all meet criteria for my son, who is NUT allergic.  He was thrilled when these arrived at our home.  We sampled Lucy’s Chocolate Cookies, Maple Bliss and Ginger Snap and our favorite was Maple Bliss.  It almost tasted like a pancake with syrup.


We tried the Maple Bliss crumbled over ice cream and we did this with the Chocolate Cookie as well. It was delicious.  The ginger snaps we just drank with milk.  If you loved your mom’s Ginger Snaps these will take you to that happy place!  Each cookie is crunchy, has a true taste and is sure to please.  We loved the Maple because we could still smell them on our fingers after we ate them. I am going to take the few remaining Chocolate Coookies and crumble them into a pie crust. This  will probably make the best Chocolate Cookie pie crust we have had in a long time.

If you are wondering who all knows about the cookies already?  They have been Featured on Dr. Oz, USA TODAY, Women’s Health, Good Morning America and more.

If you have a WHOLE FOODS or ACME check there to purchase them.  You can Shop ONLINE.  One thing I know for sure is once you taste them, you will always want them in your home.









We were provided a sample of Dr. Lucy’s cookies in return for my true and honest opinion.  As always, make sure to check the ingredients and see if they fit your list of edible ingredients.

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